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  • Box Office Bomb: Budget: $12 million. Gross: $4.9 million.
  • Contractual Obligation Project: Pretty much confirmed by star Kelly Clarkson when she explained her involvement with the film by stating, "Two Words: contractually obligated!"
  • Creator Killer: Director Robert Iscove's profile has been considerably low-key thanks to this film.
  • Cut Song: "Brighter Star" (a Crowd Song involving separate choruses of guys and girls) and "From Me to You" (a Song of Solace by Justin). Both are present on the DVD's extended version.
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  • The Danza: Justin and Kelly playing Justin Bell and Kelly Taylor. Furthermore, their character's surnames belong to Justin and Kelly's respective father and stepfather, Eldrin Bell and Jimmy Taylor.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Infamously, the reception and box office resulted the soundtrack never being released. The closest thing it has to an official release was Justin Guarini's first album, which included two of the songs. Additionally, a handful of the songs can be found on a couple of Kelly Clarkson fan sites.
  • Medal of Dishonor:
    • In 2004, From Justin to Kelly was nominated for Razzies for Worst Picture, Worst Director (Robert Iscove), Worst Screenplay, Worst Actor (Justin Guarini), Worst Actress (Kelly Clarkson), Worst Remake or Sequel, Worst Screen Couple (Kelly and Justin), and Worst Excuse for an Actual Movie. Desperate for an excuse to actually give the film an award in a year dominated by two notorious flops in the shape of Gigli and The Cat in the Hat, the Razzies invented the Governor's Award for Distinguished Underachievement in Choreography.
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    • That same year, it won the award for Worst Song ("Anytime") and was nominated for Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Actor, Worst Actress, Worst Fake Accent - Female (Kelly Clarkson), Worst On-Screen Couple (Kelly and Justin), and Worst On-Screen Group (the Pennsylvania Posse) at the Stinkers Bad Movie Awards.
    • The next year, it won its second Razzie for Worst Musical of Our First 25 Years.
    • On rankings of the worst of all time, From Justin to Kelly is #7 according to, #11 according to Screen Rant, #20 according to IMDb, and #25 according to Flavorwire.
  • Not Screened for Critics
  • Old Shame: Kelly Clarkson is embarrassed about being in the film to this very day. Some reports even say that she begged the producers to let her out of her contract during filming.
    • Justin himself didn't have much good things to say about it, calling it "abysmal" in a later interview. However, he said the filming process was great and something he doesn't regret doing.
  • Recycled Soundtrack: The musical number "Timeless" appears on Guarini's Self-Titled Album. It also has a Cover Version by Australian singers Tina Arena and Kane Alexander, plus two translated cover versions, in Korean and in Chinese.
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  • Star-Derailing Role: Whatever steam Guarini's musical or acting career had after American Idol died with this film, although he had a rather successful run on stage, starring in musicals such as American Idiot, RENT, Chicago, Wicked and Company (most recently, his voice appears on an episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines). Greg Siff (Brandon) was reduced to short films, single-episode TV appearances and video game voice roles. Clarkson's career, fortunately, recovered after this, as did that of Anika Noni Rose (Kaya), who went on to voice a Disney Princess, win a Tony Award and have a major role in a Golden Globe Best Motion Picture. Brian Dietzen (Eddie) and Katherine Bailess (Alexa) went on to fairly respectable, if unsung, TV careers; Dietzen stars on NCIS and Bailess appeared in episodes of Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill.
  • Stillborn Franchise: The film was Fox's first effort to produce a series of films centered on the winners of each Idol season. Suffice to say, whatever plans they had were swiftly abandoned after this first effort failed. Exactly what form the subsequent films would have taken remains unknown, though Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken later joked that he'd have totally been up for being in a romantic comedy with his season's winner, Ruben Studdard.
  • Troubled Production: Fox got into trouble with theaters when they announced the film would be put on home video a short six weeks after release, causing some theater chains to threaten to not screen the film. Fox agreed to postpone the home video release, only for the film's poor box office to cause them move it back to its original date.
    • This resulted in a Consolation World Record of the fastest release of a film from theaters to home media: 29 days. It would hold this record until the 2011 release of Trespass (18 days).
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Eddie's quest to hook up with a girl comes off as this, having met his lady friend through a chatroom - however, the two don't exchange phone numbers, and they mention using their emails.

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