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  • Charles Hawtrey was fired briefly off the film production for apparently becoming a diva and demanding a gold star on his dressing room door. The role of ship's cook Wilfred Haines was intended for him, but given instead to Lance Percival. As such, this is the only Carry On film between Carry On, Sergeant and Carry On Abroad not to feature Hawtrey in the cast.
  • This film is tied with Carry On Jack for the fewest series regulars in the cast, with just three (Sidney James, Kenneth Williams, and Kenneth Connor). In particular, none of the female regulars appear (the part of Flo was written for Joan Sims, but she was taken ill just before filming was due to begin, and Dilys Laye was cast in the role instead).
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  • Liz Fraser couldn't swim. In the swimming pool scenes she pretended to by flailing her arms around.
  • Kenneth Williams was expecting to film the movie in the Mediterranean, and was disappointed to find out that the interior shots would be filmed on a rebuilt replica of a cruise ship in Pinewood Studios.
  • In the gym scenes, Dilys Laye burnt her hands on the rope swing.
  • The idea of a holiday movie was originally suggested by The Pete Best Eric Barker, who said that the team should have a coach trip. Even though no one ever went with his idea, he was still credited for the thought process.
  • The Cast Showoff: Dr Binn trying to serenade Flo by covering an Italian song that he overhears her listening to. No one in the production team seemed to expect Kenneth Connor to have a beautiful tenor singing voice.

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