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  • Children Voicing Children: With no exceptions whatsoever. One critic even noted in their review published when the series first came out that this made the series sound very similar to the Peanuts specials.
  • The Other Darrin: Most of the original cast reprised their roles from the movie (which was finished before production on the series began, but released a few months after it premiered), but there were a few exception:
    • Then fifteen-year-old Tara Strong (then credited as Tara Charendoff) replaced Sarah Polley as the voice of young Celeste, which happens to be one of Strong's earliest voice roles.
    • Dawn Greenhalgh replaced Elizabeth Hanna as the voice of Queen Celeste, although Hanna retained her role as Madame.
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    • Allen Stewart-Coates replaced Charles Kerr as the voice of Lord Rataxes.
    • Jeff Pustil replaced John Stocker as the voice of Zephir, with Stocker going on to voice Basil instead.
    • Flora and Isabelle are both an interesting case. In the movie, Isabelle was voiced by Lisa Yarmush and Flora by Marsha Moreau. In the series, Lisa replaced Marsha as the voice of Flora, but later returned to the role of Isabelle after said character was officially introduced in the series, with Flora's voice role being given to Lea-Helen Weir.
    • Bobby Becken and Amos Crawley were replaced by Benjamin Barrett and Stuart Stone (the latter having originally voiced young Arthur) as the respective voices of Pom and Alexander.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Alexander and Isabelle's voice actors Stuart Stone and Lisa Yarmush would later go on to voice Ralphie and Wanda in The Magic School Bus.

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