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Tranquil Fury in comic books.

DC Comics

  • Speaking of Batman... he starts off as The Stoic, then goes into an Unstoppable Rage, and then... let's just say that you really, really, really don't want to make him go past that point.
    • During the second Batman/The Punisher crossover, while The Punisher rides the hate and enjoys it, Batman reminds himself to remain calm and emotionless, to ignore the hate and use it to take out those who are overcome by it.
    • Mr.Freeze is essentially this. He carries out his evil plans almost without even a slight smidgeon of emotion, yet brutally freezes anyone that stands in his way, and leaves them to die.
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    • Hell, even Joker gets in on it during a story arc in Batman: Hush Returns (Which is one of the stories that pictures him as a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds who lost his mind after his wife and unborn child died.) After he finds out through Riddler that his wife and unborn child were actually killed by a Corrupt Cop under the name of Oliver Hammet, The Joker expresses the intent to find and kill him with utterly none of his Axe-Crazy humor whatsoever, his face twisted into a scowl that betrays both his agony over the deaths of his wife and child and the cold, murderous hatred for the man who killed them.
  • Captain Marvel of all people can do this when sufficiently angry. Most of the time Cap's just about the sweetest guy there is, but even he has his limits. When a group of hired killers murdered Billy Batson's best friend, Captain Marvel stormed into the police headquarters and grabbed the lead killer by the head, and started speaking to him in this trope.
    Captain Marvel: Who hired you? Tell me now. Or I'll crush your head ... Then I'll walk downstairs to the holding cells and ask your partners... I'll bring your dead, headless body with me... and then they'll tell me. So... for the last time... who hired you?
    • The next scene showed Captain Marvel hovering outside Dr. Sivana's office, revealing the assassin Sivana had hired had told Cap everything he wanted to know. Beware the Nice Ones indeed.
    • Made worse since the person making this chillingly effective threat is a little boy.
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  • This is one of the things that embodies Darkseid; incredibly Axe-Crazy, but also incredibly well self-controlled to temper that rage. He never raises his voice other than to make grand speeches, calmly makes certain that his enemies perish and almost never loses his cool despite how angry he gets. But if you look at his son Orion when he loses his Mother Box, then you'll have an idea how Darkseid is under the surface.
  • Huntress: Helena Bertinelli is usually a hot-tempered, passionate person, but it's when she gets very calm that you should really be afraid. Whenever she gets ready to murder someone in cold blood, she's invariably totally calm. When she killed Stephen Mandragora in Year One, she was almost totally dispassionate about it. In Cry for Blood, when she gives Santo Cassamento the kiss of death, you can tell by her facial expression that she hates him, but she is totally in control. One of the clearest cases, though, was when she was about to drop Yasemin off a roof. When she was beating Yasemin with an aerial antenna, she was screaming, but when she was dangling her off the ledge, ready to drop her, she was completely calm.
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  • In The Sandman, the first hint we get that there's something off about Thessaly is when she wakes up and calmly kills off a Cuckoo by smashing its head against a wall.
  • In the middle of a fight between the Secret Six and the Doom Patrol, something clicks inside Mad Hatter's badly addled brain and he manages to put Negative Man and Bumblebee out of commission with just one word each, while another word turns Elasti-Girl against her teammates. This manages to turn the fight in the Six's favor.
  • Superboy also gets in on the act. When Amanda Spence murders his first girlfriend, then taunts that she is eternal, all he says is a calm "Prove it." before blasting her into the cold vacuum of space. His narration of her fate is hauntingly cold.
    Superboy: She said she didn't need to breathe. Said she had no heart. Said she couldn't die. Fine by me. But she'll pay. She wants to be eternal. I give her eternity floating in cold nothing.
  • Supergirl is usually Hot-Blooded and short-tempered. So, if she talks and acts calmly when she is obviously angry, she's about to deliver an epic butt-kicking.
    • In Justice League United #3, Lobo suckerpunched her. She calmly grabbed his neck, lifted him off the ground and said she hated him before punching him across a valley.
    • In Red Daughter of Krypton, Sheko is different from other Red Lanterns. She is full of fury... but it's a cold, methodical kind of fury. In Supergirl #31, Kara realizes this:
      Supergirl: She's different for a newborn Red Lantern. She can think and speak — but deep down she's just as full of rage as any new Red. It's a cold, methodical rage, and she's not really in control of it.
    • Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl: Once she finds out about her cousin's fate, Kara alternates between hot-blooded rage and informing Lex Luthor quietly and calmly that she's going to kill him. On the other hand, Batgirl always remains cool and controlled, even when she's confronting someone who pisses her off.
    • Many Happy Returns: When Rebel ambushes Kara, she is furious and upset and her eyes glow golden, but she talks to him calmly and quietly to tell him she is barely restraining herself and will most certainly kill him in horrible ways if he attacks.
  • Superman:
    • Word of advice: when Superman gets angry and you don't have kryptonite on you, run. Sure, no one but The Flash can outrace him, but he'll respect the effort, and your best shot is to hope that something more important will distract him in the seconds he lets you run. However, when he's gone past the point of anger, and entered Batman-levels of rage, Red Eyes, Take Warning and all, pray to your maker, because you'll be lucky to end up in critical condition.
    • When Superman narrowly managed to defeat Subjekt-17, an alien with strength and speed on par with him coupled with Psychic Powers, Subjekt-17 comments:
      "You get cold inside when angry, Superman, but never wild."
    • When Captain Marvel rampages after his friend Scott died taking a bullet for him, Superman comes to berate him, only to find Marvel crying his eyes out over Scott's death. After Marvel showed Supes his secret identity, that of a ten-year-old boy, Supes' eyebrows arch with fury.
      Superman: Who did this to you?
      • He later tears into Shazam (the wizard) for forcing a boy to shoulder the burden of the world.
  • This is how Watchmen's Rorschach operates. Unlike the other characters, who express fury through violent outbursts (The Comedian particularly), Rorschach is almost always calm and quiet in his violence. Even when pushed to his very limit in 1975, he didn't yell or lash out, he retained his quiet demeanor. Rorschach is emotionally withdrawn and during his adulthood he only makes a facial expression twice in the book (Panel 8 of Page 7 of Chapter 6, when he remembers a childhood incident, and when he orders Manhattan to kill him. For the rest of the story his face is either covered by his mask or a blank stare.
    • This is changed in the movie, however. His blank stare is replaced by a Clint Squint, and he is prone to fits of eye-twitchery. In 1975, when pushed to his limitations, instead of breaking down into the calm psycho he breaks up into an aggressive animal.

Marvel Comics

  • One story in Deadpool #900 has the Merc With The Mouth going to a psychiatrist. During the session Deadpool brings up his occasional "pro bono" work when something really catches his attention, and mentions a story about a therapist who took sexual advantage of a young girl who was his patient, eventually driving her to suicide. Eventually it's revealed that he's speaking to that very same therapist. Deadpool then beheads the man and quietly walks away. The kicker? Deadpool's usual wisecracking internal dialogue was notably absent from the story until after the therapist was killed, showing that Deadpool was 100% not fucking around.
  • The Inhumans: What do you get when you take all the pressure of ruling a nation of paranoid, super powered xenophobes, mix it in with having to deal with a conniving, mind controlling younger brother, hostile aliens, hostile humans, the fact that you've killed your own parents and then place it in a body that could destroy everything in sight with just a whisper? You get Black Bolt. He can't ever lose control. Ever.
  • The Punisher varies between this and Unstoppable Rage, depending on the situation and writer, although sometimes one hides the other. The point of the infamous Nicky Cavella incident from MAX series was to cause him to mess up, and it worked — he snapped even more than usual from his usual Unstoppable Rage to a Tranquil Fury. He just goes from Bad-Guy Bar to Bad-Guy Bar slaughtering unconnected criminals until the city officials rebury his family. Then he goes after Nicky.
    • After seeing the news about what Cavella did on a television in a diner, a random patron even calls it out:
      "That... that guy is gonna go fucking berserk."
      cut to close up of Frank's face in a state of utter rage and complete self-control
  • This is exactly the reason you do not piss off Spider-Man. You wouldn't know it considering how he loves talk, but the nanosecond you get him to stop joking (usually by doing something to threaten his family or friends), you've ensured yourself a very painful and thorough defeat.
    • Or death, if it just happens to be a What If universe. Oh, and if it wasn't for a Cosmic Retcon Spider-Man would've committed his first real murder.
    • Evident when he believes that his rogues gallery killed a newborn baby. He spends the next issue barely uttering a word and shows a Batman level of efficiency and ruthlessness.
    • This habit of his is played for a joke in one issue. Spider-Man finds the Headmen up to no good and hangs quietly from the ceiling. They remember what happens when Spidey doesn't play around and quickly give up. S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives and arrest them and Spidey reveals why he didn't say anything: he had laryngitis.
  • The Taskmaster is generally pretty cold and hard to piss off, but in Classic Deadpool, we see him let the eponymous mercenary whale on a domestic abuser but, at the behest of the victim, leave the guy alive. Then, after Deadpool leaves:
    "Funny. I didn't promise her squat."
  • Thor and Iron Man having a nice chat after Civil War. Thor has just found out what Tony has been up to; first imprisoning his own friends and (albeit unintentionally and indirectly) killing the odd one or two, and then doubling down by creating a cyborg clone of Thor without his knowledge, and parading it around as Thor himself. Thor then gives Tony an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech; never raising his voice, but letting his powers speak for him by generating a massive storm.
  • Wolverine:
    • Wolverine is known for entering Unstoppable Rage moments. In fact, it's kinda his trademark, but also an Achilles' Heel, since he's somewhat mindless when like this, so you MAY be able survive. God help you if you piss him off SO much that he goes past this and regains control...
    • The opposite is the case for his daughter/Opposite-Sex Clone, X-23. Normally she's chillingly cold, calm and efficient while gutting you. If Laura gets visibly angry, she's either under the effects of the trigger scent, or you've done something to really, really piss her off. In both cases you should run. Fast. The one time she's ever completely lost control and entered a true berserk rage, the bloody end results disturbed Black Widow.
  • World War Hulk has the Hulk so angry that he becomes calm.
    • "People of New York. I have come to smash." He then proceeded to tear through everyone available, growing so angry at some point his very steps were causing tectonic shifts before he was stopped. Angriest Hulk we've seen, and calmest Hulk we've seen at the same time.
    • Lyra, who is the daughter of the Hulk from a future timeline, becomes weaker as she becomes angrier, in contrast to her father. She is at her strongest when she is calm and collected.
    • One Hulk persona, "The Professor", worked on the same principle that Lyra did as a failsafe, growing weaker to the point where he'd become "The Savage Banner", a Bruce Banner with the Savage Hulk's rage and (lack of) self-control, but none of Hulk's strength or Banner's intelligence.

Other Comics

  • Diabolik has trained himself into this. Why? Because this way he can reap his bloody vengeance without risking to do something stupid due his anger.
    • Eva Kant, his lover and accomplice, is more emotive and will express her anger, but takes care to calm down before she actually acts on it. Diabolik, the King of Terror, has once commented on one of her acts of vengeance by stating he wouldn't have gone so far, and she calmly replied that women are always crueler than men.
  • East of West: Death is confronted by his fellow Horsemen, who accuse him of betraying them and tell him they’ve killed his wife. They toss her severed arm on the ground in front of him as proof. Death’s response is stare at the arm for a long moment, then look back at them with an expression of pure, unceasing rage. He very calmly and quietly tells them that he’s going to kill them all now. He proceeds to effortlessly destroy all of their current bodies, each in a more brutal and horrific manner then the last.
  • Empowered is mostly prone to Unstoppable Rage when her friends are threatened or the bad guys push her too far, but her most spectacular display by far was one where she totally zoned out and just disintegrated a small army of ninjas who were threatening Ninjette. Afterward, she had no memory of the incident. Though it's heavily hinted that that was her suit taking control.
  • Gold Digger: When Julia Diggers went Mama Bear on the assassin Zero, who was waiting in ambush near her first student Gar's body mortally wounded and no longer breathing. He was counting on Julia to lose her cool, since Zero needed only the slightest opening to gain the edge. He was badly mistaken.
  • Paperinik New Adventures has Xadhoom. It doesn't look that way, as you usually see her killing Evrons in the most painful way she could think of, but at the end of her introductory story she revealed that if she ever lost control she'd become a nova, and that's when you realize she's in full Tranquil Fury. A later story reveals that Xadhoom is unable to go into Unstoppable Rage mode (in the occasion she was mad beyond reason and tried to let her control slip, but she survived and produced a relatively small explosion), and another showed she's able to weaponize her hate when she killed an Evron cyborg capable to absorb emotions by letting her control slip just a little for a single moment, killing the cyborg by indigestion.
  • Star Wars Legends, X-Wing Series: Wedge Antilles, in an arc where he confronts the man who killed his parents when he was younger, naturally flashes back to their deaths. When they were in the midst of their Heroic Sacrifice he was almost uncontrollable, understandably, but later he's scary calm. It slips a little, but he was still cold. Outside of the flashback and having to deal with the man, he's rigidly polite... until the guy has him locked up and goads him.

    The novels mention a few times that the Wedge in starfighter combat is very unlike the usual Wedge - much, much more focused. It may not just be in combat, but when he has a purpose in mind and can't let himself fail - Iella remarks on this. One of his pilots, Wes Janson, is a snarky prankster, but similarly becomes extremely focused and controlled in combat.
  • Transformers: Turns out Soundwave is like this so much only he's immune to Frenzy's infrasonic manipulation (which doubles as turning everyone Axe-Crazy).
    • In "Spotlight: Shockwave", Shockwave is being trashed by the combined force of the Dinobots, his mind failing to make sense of things... until he turns off all higher functions. In a primal fury, Shockwave walks out of the fire unharmed, uses Sludge as a flail, and forces the Dinobots into stasis by blasting them with everything his ult-form has.
      Shockwave: I... evolve.
  • V of V for Vendetta serves his vengeance cold, not once raising his voice to his targets (unless you count Madam Justice). His kills are usually done quietly and made to look like unrelated accidents, but by the time we see him in the comic, he's elevated killing to high theater. Sometimes he slaughters men while reciting Shakespeare or Bible verses, sometimes he abducts them and puts on little plays, or manipulates an Innocent Bystander into doing the killing for him, and in the "Vertigo" episode simply stands motionless in complete silence and compels his victim to kill himself. The fact that at all times he's wearing a mask with the most cheerful smile imaginable makes him all the more terrifying to those who wronged him.


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