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Warning. Unmarked spoilers ahead.

While most of the characters in Danganronpa are well liked, there's a still a number of these throughout its run.

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc: A lot of people don't like Hifumi Yamada for being a stereotypical nerd, his perverted tendencies, the No Yay relationship between him and his crush Alter Ego, killing off Kiyotaka who became one of the most popular characters in the game (though, in his defense for that one, it was because Celeste told him that Kiyotaka raped her), and generally being unimportant for most of the plot. While people still felt bad when he died, a lot of that sympathy goes away once you realize he tried to have everyone besides him and Celeste killed, which still makes him a Fat Bastard regardless of whether he believed the accusations against Ishimaru to be true or not. Even beyond that, he murdered an innocent man in cold blood for a crime he did not commit, and did not even bother asking Ishimaru about it before beating him to death with a hammer. A lot of people would argue Hifumi's title as The Scrappy is well earned. (It probably didn't help that the person he believed was a rapist was the Ultimate Moral Compass, who was also a popular character.)
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair:
  • Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School:
    • Jin Kirigiri slipped into this big time after Side:Despair showed him to be a complete and utter idiot who valued talent above actually managing the school.
    • Ryota Mitarai. He was initially one of the most popular characters thanks to his backstory and a numerous amount of theories floating around that surrounded him...but after The Reveal of Tengan's plans in the last episode of Side:Future, his popularity started taking a nose dive. If he wasn't already disliked before for introducing the brainwashing anime to the narrative, any fan support for him dropped completely when he quickly became the Big Bad as a result of Tengan's utterly nonsensical plot, planning to carry his plan to completion by brainwashing the world into becoming hope-crazed fanatics (which isn't that much better than what Junko did to the world with despair), only to be quickly talked down without a fight by Class 77-B and forgiven by everyone almost instantly without having to face any direct consequences for his actions. These days, he's largely decried for more or less being one of the driving forces behind the weaker narrative elements in Dangan Ronpa 3 and for being just as weak of an antagonist as Tengan was.
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    • The mastermind of the Final Killing Game: Kazuo Tengan isn't meant to be liked, though fans usually talk about the unintended reasons why he is hated. Once an Ensemble Dark Horse for being a badass who delivered a major beatdown on the at-the-time unsympathetic Juzo and Munakata, a combination of inconsistent characterization, nonsensical motivations and an absolutely terrible "plan" has led to a sharp drop in popularity with fans near universally decrying him as the worst villain in the franchise. It says something that many fans prefer Kazuya Togami to him (himself one of the most widely despised characters from that spinoff). Many fans agree that Yukizome should've been the mastermind instead of him, and other parties would prefer that Monaca Towa should have been the final antagonist of the series. It is pretty much worth mentioning that he ended up getting fournote  entries in the What an Idiot! page for the franchise and even Kodaka didn't like how he ended up being the mastermind.
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony: Angie Yonaga. Common reasons include her cultist shtick being rather one-note and creepy, her continued inference in Tenko Chabashira and Himiko Yumeno's relationship, her perceived lack of character depths in an installment praised for more complex characterization and hijacking everyone's efforts in Chapter 3 to impose her religious beliefs, which in practice makes her look like an unsympathetic, delusional tyrant. Even her attempted Pet the Dog moment did little to satisfy fans, and some accuse her of being strawman for which Kodaka can project his views on religion.
  • Danganronpa Zero: Yuto Kamishiro. Pretty hard not to see why, given much of his personality is being a outright sex offender. Even the creators regard him as a failure.
  • Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls:
    • Haiji Towa is even more hated than Monaca because he shouts at Nagisa during his mental breakdown, resulting in Komaru and Toko having to fight Nagisa (and Nagisa almost dying after his robot is destroyed) and then making a pun about it, and at end of the game was perfectly willing and wanting to kill all of the kids brainwashed using the Monokuma masks. While his main motivation is somewhat sympathetic, many find it weaker compared to the other characters, especially the former considering what his father did. Him being an open paedophile, a Dirty Coward who ignores his faults, a useless ally, and has been mooching off of his family most of his life doesn't help his case either. While he does get the worst ending of the cast, he's still largely a Karma Houdini, despite nearly starting a war.
    • Kanon Nakajima, co-protagonist of Ultra Despair Hagakure and Leon Kuwata's cousin, is pretty unpopular due to most of her character being obsessively in love with her cousin, to the point of being an outright Yandere for him despite him having said no to her countless (she confessed to him 3909 times in 10 years) times. Despite this, a good portion of the book is spent on her rather creepy obsession, leading to her taking away focus from the actual main character of the book.
  • Danganronpa Kirigiri: Fuhito Kirigiri, after the light novel revealed him to be a greedy, selfish old man who excommunicated his own son from the Kirigiris twice, only dragging him back the second time when he found out Jin had a daughter he could make heir, basically denying his protégé Shinsen his position in the progress and ultimately leading to most of Kyoko's issues.
  • Danganronpa Togami:
    • Byakuya Togami himself tends to verge on this, thanks to his Jerkass demeanour being dialed Up to Eleven while being forced to wield a massive Idiot Ball. To make things worse; in the main series, Togami's behaviour nearly got him killed and led to him becoming less of a prick, but here he's praised constantly by the main narrator and rarely suffers repercussions for his actions to absurde degrees. The fact that he's infamously Out of Focus does not help.
    • Suzuhiko Ootsuki. Common reasons include being a Creator's Pet, providing a Deus ex Machina moment that does little to resolve anything and being a male ripoff of Toko Fukawa/Genocider, minus the character depths and personality that made Fukawa likable and entertaining. Then Volume 2 reveals that he's also a member of the Togami family, as well as Shinobu's full-blooded sibling who got caught in a compromising position with her when she was twelve, and was considered one of the top fifteen candidates for the Heirship despite all of that.
    • Kazuya Togami. Fans despise the little twit, thanks to being an utterly remorseless murderer who rapes his step-sister moments after she's been mutilated and in the latter half acts completely arrogant over his the prophecy he's supposedly involved in. Many fans cheered when he is caught in the fire. It really does not help that Kazuya's implied to actually be the Ultimate Imposter, and as such many fans are outraged that Satou is trying to paint the Ultimate Imposter as a rapist by trying to poorly Retcon how DR2 (and to a lesser extent DR3) heavily indicated they had no relation to Togami in the first place.


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