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Tearjerker / Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger

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Episode 4 Roar in the Ring

  • The villain's scheme this episode is to capture two friends and force them to fight each other so the winner will be released, what they didn't know is that the loser would be turned into a barrel and forced to wander the cosmos.

Episode 5 King of the Jungle


Episode 9 The Endless Day

  • It's revealed that since they are trapped on Earth, Sela was forced to miss her parents' anniversary, something that, along with her little brother, had never missed.

Episode 24 Revived Memory

  • Bunglay is allowed to perform a test play before he decides on joining the Deathgaliens. What does he do? He uses his memory scanning powers to confront people with the ghosts of their loved ones, including reuniting a mother with her dead child. To top it off, he really puts Yamato through some torture by reuniting him with his dead mother, only to kill her right in front of him.
    • The reason he picked Yamato? To prove his philosophy about everyone being connected wrong. It does NOT work.

Episode 27 Which One Is Real?


Episode 35: The Zyuohger's Final Day

  • Yamato's complete and utter despair when he thinks he sees his team die right before his eyes. After he screams in anguish, Bungalay continues to taunt him, and all he can do is stare, his eyes completely empty as the reality of what he just saw sets in. Of course, everyone is fine, but Yamato absolutely couldn't have known that until they jumped out of the mountainside.
    • At the end of the episode, he tries to tell his friends how he felt seeing them die, and how they saved him by being clever enough to avoid Bungalay's trap. His voice is so fragile, like he's about to cry. Turns into a Heartwarming Moment when his team tells them that they aren't gonna die that easily.

Episode 41 The First and Last Chance

  • Misao meets up with Genis (a fake Genis, at least) for first time since he was mind controlled by him. Misao's reaction is to panic, scream and borderline cry just by being in the same AREA as Genis. A little reminder that Misao may be an overly Large Ham who Wangst's with the best of them, but his time with Genis did some awful, AWFUL damage to him.

Episode 45 The Broken Seal

  • It's revealed that the reason Yamato dislikes his father is because he wasn't there when his mother passed away

Episode 46 The Immortal God of Destruction

  • It's further revealed that the reason Yamato's father missed the death of his wife was because he stopped to aid Bard who was attacked by humans. He told Bard he was helping him because all life was connected leading to Bard rescuing Yamato later on. The realization that his hatred of his own father was due to a misunderstanding and that he had turned his back on his own teaching drives Yamato into a mix of rage and sorrow for the rest of the episode. Even after the team defeats Azald, Yamato is still screaming at himself.
    • For an added sting, Kageyuki kept it a secret from Yamato, knowing that (at least before Bard saved Yamato's life) that his son would never believe him and most likely become even angrier with him. Yamato at least tells him the following episode that he would've wanted to hear it anyway just so he could know him better.
    • There's also the latest bit of Bard's backstory. Turns out that he suffered the same discrimination that Larri experienced, only much worse. He would've died from shot wounds if Yamato's father hadn't saved him.

Final Episode Earth Is Our Home


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