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Series / The Game (2014)

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Will they raze us to the ground with a nuclear strike? Or will they infiltrate and destabilize us from the inside?
Sarah Montag

The Game is a British Cold War spy drama that takes place in London in the 70s. The Game was created and written by Toby Whithouse (Being Human, Doctor Who).

The Game follows a young MI-5 agent named Joe Lamb and a small team of operatives setup by spymaster 'Daddy' to figure out and counter Soviet Operation Glass, protect their only source 'Arkady' and neutralize the mysterious and deadly soviet operative 'Odin'. The group includes:

  • Joe Lamb (Tom Hughes) as the 'interrogator' and field agent. Joe's allegiances are held close to his chest. A year prior to the start of the series he had fallen in love with a Soviet operative Yuli and may have attempted to defect. He wants revenge for Yuli's death by Odin during the botched defection.
  • Daddy (Brian Cox) himself, embattled head of MI-5, and a mentor to Joe. Daddy is hinted to be at the twilight of his career.
  • Bobby Waterhouse (Paul Ritter), Daddy's opportunistic deputy, momma's boy and a closet homosexual.
  • Sara Montag (Victoria Hamilton) serves as the lead field agent of the team.
  • Alan Montag (Jonathan Aris) is the team's audio surveillance specialist.
  • Jim Fenchurch (Shaun Dooley) is a Special Branch detective seconded to the team.
  • Wendy Straw (Chloe Pirrie), Daddy's secretary; she ends up working closely with Bobby. Wendy ends up moving in with Bobby as part of his attempt to obfuscate his Transparent Closet homosexuality. Bobby also uses her against Daddy, though she is unaware she's being used in that way.

At the same time the team is trying to figure out 'Operation Glass', they have to watch their own backs and question each other's loyalties. Is Joe blinded by the need for vengeance? How far would Bobby Waterhouse go in his political schemes to overthrow Daddy? Is Daddy still competent to handle the current threat? Can their sole source, the mysterious and withholding 'Arkady', be trusted? Is 'Operation Glass' itself a huge distraction or even the result of cold war paranoia on both sides of 'The Game'. Is there a double-agent among them and can anyone be trusted?


Alternative Title(s): The Game UKTV