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Sandbox / TLP Crash Rescue Tallies

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I think updating it in one place will be easier than the thread. Also, this'll get phased out over time. I took out the folders not relevant to the tropes specifically.

See also this post

    open/close all folders 
    The key to the tallies 
  • c = voted to cut or said/implied this was Not a Trope, "cut for now, look into it later";note 
  • sb = send back or "cut and send back" which is the same thing as this;
  • k = voted "keep" or "I'm fine with it";note 
  • un = unsure, not I'm not sure but they aren't sure ("further discussion needed");
  • n = neutral, they expressed neutrality or abstained for some reason;
  • dv = didn't vote but commented or brought to our attention (please vote);
  • trs = they voted to bring this to TRS, they commented that this was too old for this thread;
  • ??? = I don't know how to count this one, I'm not sure what they voted;

The "dv" votes may double up for this first batch of lists. I don't have a separate "didn't vote" list and I'm not going through everything again lol.

"The Same, but More Specific" and "The Same, but More" don't mean cut. They could mean to send back for revision, or that you're unsure and want to know what other people think, or — yes — to cut. I ain't got time to think about what you're saying; I'm too busy countin'.


Month of July 2018

    Unresolved Tropes 

Month of April 2017

If you want to be included in this tally, please use the verbiage in the folder titled "The key to the tallies" (not super formal). (This folder will be updated to reflect common sayings at some point.)

None of the following lists include "reported" tallies. They only include "primary sources," so to speak. Otherwise, we could find ourselves doubling votes very quickly. That said, please do not "re-vote." Feel free to continue the discussion and make sure your point is heard (I won't stop you). If you are unsure of whether your vote was heard, please link to your previous post.


    Unresolved Issues (~26) 
Now alphabetized.

    Issues with Little or No Response 
This folder is for those recently launched tropes that were brought up but nobody has responded to yet. This is just a summary. These tropes are in the Unresolved Issues folder. Tallies shown in this folder may not be up-to-date (I just copy-pasted these items). Fewer than three votes and/or just no conflicting votes (I don't want to double-up these lists too much).

Do not look in this folder for the new stuff. This is for that which just really ain't gettin' no response.

    Almost Resolved Votes 
The list:

What this list is:

These tropes either have four or more votes or only "neutral" votes. They may also be too old for this thread.

We don't have a crowner in this thread, but I think we should only "motion to call" a resolution when it has nearly 2:1 (cut-to-keep ratio, trs-to-keep ratio, keep-to-cut ratio, etc.). Not super formal, but it's something to think of for "neutral" or "keep" decisions.

  • If the only votes are "neutral" or "didn't vote," then I think we can call it after 3. Nobody cares about it so nobody "votes". le shrug
  • This folder is also where "send to TRS" tropes go if they are demonstrably too old for this thread. Vote tallies will be included here, and such tropes will be taken off the Unresolved Issues list.
    • If the trope is both too old and clearly deserving cutting rather than sending to TRS, it may also be on this list.

    Works Brought Up with No Resolution: 
This is for non-trope pages brought up in this thread. I add items to the top of this list.


    Playing Catch-Up 
The following are from this post and are primarily just listed here in order to not lose anything. No tallies counted in this folder!

This list ends at this post.

Still on the table and possibly ready to get resolved:

Seems to have been resolved, or Sent Back and later Launched (need to double check before removing this from the list, though):

Brought up but not on one of my update posts or in the sandbox:

    Apparently Abandoned Pages 
I think these pages could just be cut for still having problems after all this time. In order to be fair about this, I think only pages that are works pages that have had ample time to be fixed ought to be on this list. I'd consider a page "abandoned" if the only most reent edits were (a) 6+ months ago and/or (b) only minor clean-up (e.g. namespacing, formatting, wick clean-up).

I mean, if the page creators don't care enough to do the work, then...

This first list is just testing the waters here, and some of these pages may not actually be "abandoned." I'm just listing pages that were reported some time ago and that still have problems.

EDIT: I replaced the list that was here with a more organized list. None of the pages were removed, but they were categorized.


Example of: