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Doujin (works published through dedicated conventions rather than mainstream commercial channels) are a very diverse beast, ranging from hastily-drawn teenage Fan Fic to billion-yen multimedia franchises with dozens of commercial Spin Offs. We here at TV Tropes care about them mainly to this extent — is it noteworthy enough that someone, somewhere, was willing to write a reasonably good trope page for it? If yes, then this is your index.


Please don't mistake a doujin's inclusion on this page as being some sort of vindication of it as being a piece of art. Remember that we're a wiki for all trope-based fiction, good or bad. As Edit Tip #12 says, whether or not something is liked has nothing to do with tropes. In other words, while many of the works listed below are considered notable by a number of tropers, that can mean that the work in question is very, very bad.

Note that since this is intended to be an index of doujin with pages; a Red Link will be frowned on and given a very brief (week or two) grace period before being removed. Start the page for the doujin if you think it should be in this index.

As the majority of doujin are Fan Works, please note the original franchise(s) in brackets after the work title. For doujins which are not Fan Works, use (original).


Please do not add Spin Offs of a doujin series unless they are also doujin (e.g. Fate/stay night is fine; Fate/EXTRA is not). Also do not add Web Originals to this index; if a work has been published both online and as a doujin, then place it in the category appropriate for its doujin form, regardless of which came first (e.g. Comics or Manga for a Web Comic).

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