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Notes to self:

  • Sword Master is the English title of Warriors of Three Sovereigns.
  • Aero is the English title of Cyclone.

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Pod/Enigma (Aikku Jokinen)

Appearances: U.S.Avengers


Domino's Hotshots

    White Fox 

White Fox (Ami Han)

Appearances: Contest of Champions (2015) | Deadpool | Civil War II | Domino: Hotshots | War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas

A super-agent for the South Korean National Intelligence Service, answering to the callsign of Agent F-One and White Fox. She is the last of the kumiho, a mystical species of Korean shape-shifting nine-tailed foxes. Her grandmother, a kumiho, fell in love with a man who brought out the human side of her.

  • Canon Immigrant: She first appeared in the Avengers: Electric Rain webseries.
  • Kitsune: She is a gumiho, the Korean equivalent of this mythical Japanese creature.
  • Mystical White Hair: She has white hair, presumably due to her kumiho descent.
  • Omniglot: She knows not only Korean and English, but Greek and at least four other languages as well as Korean super-agents are required to be fluent in at least six languages.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: Due to her kumiho powers, she can converse with animals.
  • Super Senses

    Diamondback (Rachel Leighton) 

Diamondback (Rachel Leighton)

Appearances: Domino: Hotshots

    Outlaw (Inez Temple) 

Outlaw (Inez Temple)

Appearances: Deadpool | Agent X | X-Men: Civil War | Domino: Hotshots

A mercenary for hire. She is a mutant with superhuman strength and an uncanny aptitude with firearms.

    Atlas Bear 

Atlas Bear (Shoon'Kwa)

Appearances: Domino | Domino: Hotshots

A rich sixteen year old exiled from Wakanda.


Champions of Europe


Outlaw (Nigel Higgins)


Guillotine (Jeannine Sauvage)


New Agents of Atlas


Wave (Pearl Pangan)

Appearances: Aero | War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas

A new Filipina superheroine from the province of Cebu, possessing the power of hydrokinesis. She is an ally of Triumph Division.

  • Comic-Book Fantasy Casting: Her co-creator and character designer, Filipino comic book artist Leinil Francis Yu, as well as one of her artists, Mico Suayan, modeled her after Filipina actress Nadine Lustre. This is likely a reference to Lustre being a popular choice for Darna, one of the Philippines's most popular superheroes.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: In her debut appearance, she travels to 5,000 miles north of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean, which is no longer in the Philippines's jurisdiction and is now in China's jurisdiction. She is confronted by Aero, who orders her to halt.
  • Making a Splash: She has hydrokinesis.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Her first name, Pearl, may be a reference to Nadine Lustre, the Filipina actress she is modeled after, as "Lustre" is derived from "luster", a term that can be used to describe gemstones such as pearls. Additionally, the Philippines is well-known for its pearls.
    • "Panganib" means "risk" in Filipino, referring to her personality and her career as a superhero.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: Downplayed. Which side is "right" is not to be discussed here, but she and Aero briefly argue about the topic of territorial claims of the East Asian seas, particularly regarding the oceans near both the Philippines and China. Wave disregards that the territory she's entered is internationally recognized as Chinese territory and says that it belongs to the Philippines, while Aero tries to adhere to international law.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: She travels into Chinese territory in the Pacific Ocean because she senses that something is amiss, despite this being a violation of international law.

    Luna Snow 

Luna Snow (Seol Hee)
"<Maybe this'll help!>"

Appearances: War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas

A 22-year-old K-Pop idol turned part-time superhero. While performing at a party held by Stark Industries, A.I.M. agents attacked. While attempting to protect the guests, A.I.M. locked her in a storage freezer for her troubles. While escaping the freezer, however, she knocked over an energy experiment, giving her the powers of cryokinesis that she would then use to defeat A.I.M.

  • Canon Immigrant: From Marvel Future Fight.
  • Expy: A very similar character, Coldmoon, was briefly introduced in the first issue of Point One from 2011.
  • An Ice Person: She has cryokinetic powers.
  • Meaningful Name: "Seol" means "snow". The intended meaning behind her name is "snow hope", although a different hanja character for "hee" can also cause her name to mean "snow girl/woman" or "snow princess", among others.
  • Mismatched Eyes: Her left eye is blue while her right eye is black/brown.
  • Multicolored Hair: The left side of her hair is silver while the right side of her hair is brunette.


Crescent (단비, Dan Bi)

Appearances: War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas

A ten-year-old Korean superhero.



Appearances: War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas

  • Canon Immigrant: From Marvel Future Fight.
  • Ironic Name: As described below in Meaningful Name, Io is the name of one of Jupiter's Galilean moons. However, you'd think that with his and Dan Bi's moon and bear motifs, Io would've been named Callisto instead. In Classical Mythology, the namesake of one of Jupiter's other Galilean moons, Callisto, was associated with Artemis/Diana (the goddess of the moon) and was transformed into a bear, said to become the constellation of Ursa Major.
  • Meaningful Name: Io is a moon of Jupiter and has heavy volcanic activity.

    Sword Master 

Sword Master (林烈, lit. Lie Lin)note

Appearances: Sword Master | War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas

A Chinese sword-fighting superhero. An eighteen-year-old college student and the son of an archaeologist, he picked up a magical sword that transported him two thousand years into the past to fight the ancient tyrant, Chiyou.


气旋 (lit. Cyclone)/Aero (雷绫, lit. Lei Ling)note

Appearances: Aero | War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas

A Chinese superheroine possessing the power of wind. An architect, she resides in Shanghai and also serves as the city's protector.

  • Beauty, Brains and Brawn: She's beautiful, smart, and an Action Girl.
  • Blow You Away: She has the power of wind and air.
  • Dub Name Change: In Chinese, her superhero name is 气旋, which translates to Cyclone. To English speakers (and the official English translation), she's known as Aero.
  • Meaningful Name: The Chinese character for Lei used in her name, 雷, translates to "Thunder", befitting her association with storms and cyclones.
  • One Steve Limit: Not to be confused with Aero, a mutant.


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Aero is a Chinese webcomic by Marvel Comics.

    Sword Master (Comic)
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'Sword Master is a Chinese webcomic by Marvel Comics.


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