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Roleplay / Hachimitsu No Kissu

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A Magical Girl roleplay found on Gaia Online. The original forum can be found here. Also has a website found here.

Twelve ordinary highschoolers aren't quite as ordinary as they seem- really, they're the reincarnations of spirits of the past called the Hikarimono, each a prince or princess of one of the planets in the solar system, including Pluto, the Moon, and the Sun (reincarnated as twins, representing the dark and light sides of the Sun). Collected by their non human sidekicks, it's up to these guys to save the fate of the Earth.


Split into two groups, girls and boys, and the groups don't exactly get along.

For the girls, we have the CA, or the Celestial Alliance. Members include:

  • Mikazuki Umeko, Dominion of the Moon
  • Chibana Kaori, Dominion of Mercury
  • Zola Ran, Dominion of Mars
  • Wakahisa Kimiko, Dominion of Venus
  • Takenaka Shun, Dominion of Jupiter
  • Suzuhira Yumi, Dominion of Ceres

For the boys, it's the RK, the Requiem Knights. Members are:

  • Tsunoda Susumu, Dominion of Uranus
  • Kawaguchi Shouta, Dominion of Neptune
  • Tokimouto Michio, Dominion of Pluto
  • Pham Kaede, Dominion of Earth.

Of course, what's a Magical Girl series without antagonists? Known as the Cardinal Masquerade, Suzuhira Sojiro aka Heishi Eris gathered the reincarnations of the Eclipsed Kingdom from long ago. The Cardinal Masquerade's goal? To unlock a powerful weapon deep within the Earth that was sealed away in the past - and had been hopefully for good. The Masquerade stands against the Dominions and summons their Demons, monsters that were born from the darkness in people's hearts. They target the Pure Heart Crystals of humans, and it's up to the Dominions to stop them, if only they could stop bickering with each other.


Standing on a side all his own is the Dominion of Saturn, with his MugenHyakka, and they summon Demons as well, but their goals are unknown.

With the heroes that are supposed to save us bickering amongst themselves with questionable order among the separate groups, Earth is going to need all the help it can get.

Now has a character sheet!

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