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A Magical Girl play-by-post game on The original incarnation of the game used Big Eyes, Small Mouth 3rd Edition, while the revived game will use Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition.

In the beginning, there was nothing. The Void ruled the universe. The Nihls existed in the Void with great pleasure. Unknown to the Nihls, something was coming that would change the nature of their existence forever. That something was Creation.


The force of Creation literally exploded into the universe. The Big Bang shattered the silence of the Void. This Creation was very disconcerting to the Nihls. To counter creation, the Nihls created the powers of Chaos known as Time and Entropy. When Creation would pop up, Time and entropy would snuff it out. Happy that Creation was being destroyed, the Nihls returned to the silence of the Void. They did not foresee the true strength of Creation. Soon, the universe would change again.

One little speck in the universe began to maintain the power of Creation, even against the powers of Time and Entropy. The powers of Creation had found a stronghold in the universe. That stronghold was called Earth. The new agents of the power of Creation were beings called humans. Hope, Love, Loyalty, Courage, Friendship, Inventiveness, and the primal forces of the Elements were some of the Concepts that fueled Creation's surging powers. The Nihls groaned as this caused great dissonance in the Void. The Nihls came up with a plan. They sent their own agents to spread the Concepts of Chaos. These were things like Hate, Jealousy, Envy, War, Murder, Dishonesty, Decay, and Death. The Great War was inevitable. Chaos and Creation battled, using the humans as their proxies. Both sides imbued humans with fantastic powers and Chaos sent fiendish monsters to fight. In the end, Creation triumphed, but not without great cost. The Concepts introduced by the Nihls were now woven deep into the psyche of mankind. The Nihls were imprisoned in the Void, allowing Creation to continue its surge. Unfortunately, Earth was now marred by the Nihls final legacy, there would always be murder and war and sadness. Memory of the Great War and the Nihls were erased from mankind to prevent the release of the Nihls.


It is now 2012. In a city in the nation of Great Britian, the forces of Chaos shall make their reappearance. Creation has started to manifest its power in more people chosen. This is the story of a group of teenagers tasked with saving the Earth and Creation itself. For Love, for Justice, for Friendship.

For the Spirit of Creation..

As of October 2011, a spinoff game set in San Francisco is set to start.


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