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Roleplay / Crystalwatchers Magical Girl Quest

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"Oh shit."

Congratulations! Up until this point you've been living a pretty average life. Literally. You'd get up, go to school, hang out with friends, and then head home to repeat the next day. That is, until a giant demon of unknown origin spawns in the middle of your neighborhood and slaughters everyone you've ever known and loved.

The mutherfucker had literally dropped onto your damn house in broad daylight.


The good news? You are saved by a magical girl! For a few seconds anyway.

For you see - the monster that spawned is a post-season-five super-boss. That poor little girl operating off shoddy season two magic is slaughtered like cattle, and promptly consumed whole.

Your everyone is dead, and the girl that was supposed to save you is a smear on the ground and a rumbly in the tumbly.

But wait! Turns out the reason this thing is here is you! You are a magical girl!

So begins the story of Anastasia Boheart, aka Magical Girl Solid Core, aka Nepgear: traumatic, bloody and way over her head.

Hosted on Sufficient Velocity, and created by crystalwatcher.


Tropes in Magical Girl Quest:

  • Anyone Can Die: The story starts off with the MC's friends and family dying, and continues from there.
  • Blessed with Suck: Ana has the Divinity affinity. This means that she'll become a Game-Breaker...eventually. The Unified Darkness is Genre Savvy enough to know that this would be a bad thing for them, and will do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. This translates to sending their top agents to kill Ana dead.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: The way magic works for a particular race is determined by how they think magic works. Humanity, having discovered magic rather late, and establishing many different ways people think it might work, is correspondingly very strange compared to other races.
    • It has also resulted in the creation of two entire realms of existence with their own sentient races: False Heaven, created by belief in higher powers and populated by various heavenly beings, and Thirteenth Hell, created by the belief of lower powers and populated by various demonic entities.
  • Forever War: The war between the Unified Light(Humanity/Akashic Pillar, Fairies, the Elven Empire and the Angels/False Heaven) and the Unified Darkness(Demons/Thirteenth Hell, Black Star and the Children of Nightmares). The Fairies and Black Star started the war over their conflicting ideals of harmony and peace versus the strong ruling the weak.
  • Functional Magic: Magic, due its nature, comes in a variety of types.
    • Elemental Powers: Very common, and previously believed by the other races to be the basis of all magic, until humanity showed otherwise.
    • Inherent Gift: Due to the fact that humans developed the idea that not everyone can use magic, only a few humans can do so. Other races are entirely magical, as they believed that was how it worked.
    • Necromancy: One of five magical styles that doesn't require a particular Affinity to use. Is incredibly dangerous and difficult, but is otherwise regarded as a neutral form of magic, used by both sides.
    • Rule Magic: Most human magic works this way, being very complicated to use. An example given is "Brand Craft", which can be used to grant various attributes to items.
  • Glass Cannon: Solid Core can unleash powerful attacks, but her HP is pitiful. Subverted in that she also has some truly ridiculous abilities that negate that disadvantage.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: A variant. The third affinity for each Magical Girl shows how much stronger a magical girl gets when they "level up" so to speak. The linear part comes with the fact that it's always a linear path...except for those with the Divinity affinity, which was so rare it was thought not to exist until recently.
  • Magical Girl: Unique to Earth, thanks to the popularity of the genre.
    • Magical Girl Warrior: Every Magical Girl is expected to fight, even possessing innate instincts to do so.
  • Physical God: The more powerful MG's are essentially this, with the four strongest even having the word "Goddess" in their names. Those with a "Divinity" affinity are a more literal version.
  • Worf Had the Flu: The Spawn of Mayhem at the begining of the quest that killed everyone Ana knew and loved that was eventually put down? It was extremely weakened. If it was at regular strength, Ana would have been cleaved in half right then and there.

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