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What kind of a badass would I be if I did not kill you now!?
Crystal Raver

Crystal Rave is a Forum Adventure by the MSPA forums member user Dexexe1234. It follows the tale of The Crystal Raver, your Friendly Neighbourhood Amnesiac who just so happened to wake up in a prison cell with a missing eye and a large amount of voices in his head nagging him to do stuff. It just so happens that you, the readers, are these voices.


It may sound simple at first, but it is not. The characters are interesting, it takes place in a completely fleshed out and interesting universe, and the art could even be considered eye candy to the easily distracte— oh, shiny.

Has retroactively gotten a bad end.

After a while the creator got bored with working on Crystal Rave, claiming that it was simply a "Test." This is understandable since it was his first of these adventure things, and to him it became a test that grew too much. From this, he decided to do a cosmic reboot that features a "what-if" situation of the whole story. This new iteration is called "Mineral Caper," which seems to be a pun on Crystal Raver, with a crystal being a mineral, and a caper is also a type of dance like the rave is.

In Mineral Caper, Crystal Raver is now a digger, who recently hit a good amount of Taranium Crystals. He is digging with his brother who is named Wedge. Who is not happy with that name for some reason.


The story starts in this thread, then continues here. The current thread is located here. It's also been rebooted here.

It is a rather hefty read, so it is recommended to read the mirror.

It has actually stopped updating on its forum, instead it has begun running on Dexexe1234's website where you can go to the latest page and command. It is updating daily.

Tropes found in Crystal Rave

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: In a particular scene, Crystal Raver fuses with his pet ferret SUGARLOAF and inherits its twitchy nature.
    "This Form also seems to be able to travel over specially marked "Paw Prints" that only you can see! That is very nice!"
    "Ooh, whats that? Oh! This is exciting!"
  • Aliens Speaking English: Crystal Raver is a species known as a Monochrome, converses with Fire Sprites, goblin like creatures, giant armored beings and a human, all in perfect logical English.
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  • Always Night: Day hasn't been seen in the story, just the night sky.
  • Anachronic Order: Like all MS Paint Adventures (and the MS Paint Forum Adventures) Crystal Rave sometimes just dolts into the past to show something from a different characters sight.
  • Animation Bump: Since the beginning of the story, the animation quality has just kept rising. And it is still going.
  • Anime Hair: Crystal Raver has completely white hair, but due to being a Monochrome, it might be normal to its species. Feather Dove on the other hand has two giant whips hanging from both sides of purple hair.
  • Baby Planet: Or rather, tiny moons. The two moons seen so far are not very big, and seem to circle a much larger planet.
  • Convection Schmonvection: Lampshaded. Crystal Raver wonders why he doesn't feel the heat from all the lava he's standing right next to. Apparently, it's his scarf. It protects him from feeling hot or cold in hot or cold environments. But he still takes damage from fire and ice attacks.
  • Curse Cut Short: "Huh. This is odd. Your RAVE MENU have clearly updated itself, but your STATUSVENTORY is still an old piece of shi-wait. What is that?"
  • Elemental Powers: Crystal Raver can control carbon. Which may seem pretty useless at first, used creatively can screw people over pretty badly. His ability to control carbon actually makes him able to lift carbon even with himself standing on top of it. Through this he can create his own sky surfboards. Also the graphite shields he can create have already served as some excellent defense.
  • Lethal Lava Land: The first moon that Crystal Raver visits is a giant dark red rock filled with lava, fire elementals and lanky creatures called Fire Sprites.
  • Nightmare Sequence:
    • Crystal Raver has a flashback to the day his parents were murdered in one of these after falling into lava.
    • There was also the sequence where Crystal Raver gets ready to deal the smackdown to Bazalorage (a giant fire elemental/skeleton thing,) when he suddenly breaks down and simply stop thinking correctly. This ends with a character shift, and when you return to Crystal Raver, he is locked inside a giant crystal.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Just being covered in soot is enough to make all of the fire sprites mistake Crystal Raver for a fellow fire sprite named Veronica. Veronica eventually becomes playable. They look nothing alike.

Tropes found in Mineral Caper

  • Alternate Reality Episode: Or rather, alternate reality story, since this is pretty much a "what if Artimeus did not have influence on Crystal Raver?" story.
  • Loading Screen: By the end of the Prologue, we are left with a loading screen with a quote and a tiny simple sketch. This is a little unusual in an interactive comic, but not as unusual for the stories on the MSPA forums.
  • The Noseless: The Monochrome race doesn't seem to have either noses or ears. This first became majorly evident in Mineral Caper, where we meet other Monochromes for the first time.
  • Tomes of Prophecy and Fate: A mysterious book is being carried by a shadowed figure in the intermission between the prologue and chapter 1. The book details a weird story that may not have an impact on anything. At least not yet.


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