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Roleplay / Magical Girl No Civil War

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The year is 2013 AD. The place is the Republic of Atlantis.

Atlantis is home to "Magical Girls' West Point", a school intended to educate Magical Girls in the use of their powers. Said powers are provided by the spirits of deceased generals from the most ancient of times all the way up through World War II. These girls have been known to be able to defeat entire companies of men on their own. With the memories, experience, and personalities of George Patton, Napoleon Bonaparte, Simon Bolivar, Ulysses S. Grant, and many others, Magical Girls form a special breed of warriors.


However, not all is well in the world at large. Tensions are mounting between the Northern and Southern regions of Atlantis. When the inevitable civil war breaks out, both sides want their own trump cards, and for that, there is onyl one source: the Atlantean West Point. The students of the school are forces to choose: do they side with the government, or with the rebels? Friend will fight friend, sister will fight sister. And when girls whose abilities can scar and twist the landscape do battle, no one can tell how this will end.


Tropes appearing in this work:

  • Civil War: Half the premises!
  • Fridge Horror: In-universe, its noted that the powers of Magical Girls are created in conflicts where hundreds of thousands die.
  • In Spite of a Nail: History has proceeded exactly how it has in real life, despite Atlantis, of all things, existing some distance off of the Caribbean Sea.
  • Magical Girl: The other half of the premises.
  • Officer And A Lady: So Many.
  • Stripperific: Collins, though not by choice.

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