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As a cult musical and one of the first rock operas, Tommy has naturally had some impact on pop culture, particularly its movie incarnation.


Comic Books

  • In Justice League Elite, Vera Lynn Black's "Miss Morphine" persona is very obviously inspired by Tina Turner's "Acid Queen" outfit from the movie.


  • In Latter Days, Christian at one point talks about Ann-Margaret's performance in the movie version of Tommy.
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  • In Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, the character "Captain Walker", the missing pilot and father figure, is a reference to Captain Walker from the play and movie.
  • In Backstreet Dreams, Stevie says to the autistic child Shane, "And Tommy doesn't know what day it is. That's you, Shane."
  • In Keep the Change (2017), Will asks the hippie Dylan which show tune he wants to sing. He picks "The Acid Queen." Will says, "Great song, but not a show tune."



Live-Action TV

Western Animation

  • On Doug, one of Doug's Imagine Spots portrays him as the champion of an arcade game, wearing an outfit inspired by Elton John's Local Lad costume from the movie.
  • In the Clone High Musical Episode "Raisin The Stakes", most of the songs are inspired by songs from Tommy, most explicitly "You Are My Son" (a thinly-disguised substitute for "It's a Boy".)
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  • In Bojack Horseman, Todd compares his rock opera to Tommy.
  • An episode of Phineas and Ferb is called "Mommy Can You Hear Me?"