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Film - Animated

  • Turbo: Mason and Phil make a cameo.
  • How to Train Your Dragon: At one point, Gloria can be seen being carried by a dragon.
  • Flushed Away: Roddy's owner has an Alex doll and a stuffed monkey resembling Mason and Phil in her bedroom. In addition, a DVD of the first movie can be seen in Roddy's DVD collection.

Web Video


Western Animation

  • Family Guy: In a cutaway gag in "Hell Comes to Quahog", a loud, obnoxious man is seen watching a fictional scene from the movie while driving a hummer. In the fictional scene, Alex asks Gloria what her favorite kind of music is, and she answers, "Hippo-hop!"
  • MAD:
    • The sketch "Outtagascar" is a very scathing and nearly vicious Take That! to the franchise in general (especially the third film), to the point of having Marty straight-up say "Yup, this franchise is running out of steam!" and the gang end up in jail for burning down the circus they were performing at.
    • In the sketch, "Life of Rhyme", one of the animals escaping from Piscine Molitor's sinking zoo boat is a zebra in a rainbow wig.

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