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A list of episodes of The Wonder Years.

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     Season 1 
  1. Pilot - Kevin starts his first day of seventh grade.
  2. Swingers - After the death of Winnie Cooper's brother Brian, Kevin starts to develop a crush on Winnie. Meanwhile, after being taught sex education, Kevin and Paul set out to buy a copy of the book Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask.
  3. My Father's Office - When Kevin begins to wonder what Jack does at work, Jack decides to take Kevin to work with him.
  4. Angel - Kevin finds out that Karen's new boyfriend, who the family dislikes, is cheating on her.
  5. The Phone Call - Kevin has a crush on Lisa Berlini, and after the whole school finds out, he pretends to be sick, but tries to work up the courage to call her.
  6. Dance with Me - Kevin asks Lisa Berlini to the dance, and after accepting, she accepts a date with a boy she liked better (she only accepted Kevin because she didn't think the other boy would ask her), and then Kevin asks out Winnie, only to learn that she's dating Kirk McCray.

     Season 2 
  1. The Heart of Darkness - Kevin and Paul become friends with a cool kid, who has them camp out one night near a cave, after Kevin had been having recurring nightmares involving a cave.
  2. Our Miss White - Kevin falls in love with his teacher, and takes a part in a play she's directing.
  3. Christmas - The family wants a color TV for Christmas.
  4. Steady as She Goes - In an attempt to make Winnie jealous, Kevin goes steady with her friend Becky Slater.
  5. Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky - Worried that Winnie will break up with him, Kirk asks Kevin to ask Winnie if she still likes Kirk. Winnie's not sure, making Kevin wonder if she's interested in him.
  6. Pottery Will Get You Nowhere - Norma takes a pottery class, which Jack is not supportive of.
  7. Coda - Kevin takes piano lessons.
  8. Hiroshima, Mon Frere - Kevin and Paul bring home the school hamster for a science experiment, and have to deal with Wayne's bullying.
  9. Loosiers - After complaining that Paul keeps getting picked last for basketball in gym, Coach Cutlip assigns Kevin the job of team captain, and picks the least-athletic students.
  10. Walkout - After being elected home room presidents of their respective home room classes, Kevin and Paul join a group that discusses having a school walk-out, which the school does not support.
  11. Nemesis - Kevin takes care of Winnie when she's sick, but when Becky Slater tells everybody what Kevin had said to her about them behind their backs when Kevin and Becky were a couple, Kevin worries that she'll tell Winnie.
  12. Fate - Winnie dates Eddie Kenetti, a tough guy who bullies Kevin.
  13. Birthday Boy - Kevin is dismayed to learn that Paul's bar mitzvah is on the same day as his birthday.
  14. Brightwing - Karen skips school to hang out with friends at a hill, and enlists Kevin to send notes to people at her school.
  15. Square Dance - The gym has square dancing, and Kevin is assigned a weird girl as his partner.
  16. Whose Woods are These? - Kevin, Paul, and Winnie attempt to stop the forest they played at as kids from being torn down and turned into a mall.
  17. How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation - Summer starts, and Kevin is annoyed at Winnie, who alternates between showing that she likes him and not, only to learn that her parents are getting a divorce and she'll be spending the summer with her mother out of town.

     Season 3 
  1. Summer Song - On a vacation to the beach, Kevin has his first summer romance.
  2. Math Class - Kevin does poorly in math, after previously making good grades in math.
  3. Wayne on Wheels - Wayne gets his drivers license.
  4. Mom Wars - Norma tries to stop Kevin from playing football after school.
  5. On the Spot - Winnie takes the lead in the school play.
  6. Odd Man Out - After having a falling-out with Paul, Kevin starts hanging out with Doug Porter, the most agreeable friend he has.
  7. The Family Car - The family wants Jack to get a new car.
  8. The Pimple - Kevin gets his first pimple, right before a cute girl comes to visit.
  9. Math Class Squared - After overhearing classmates discuss a plan for cheating in math, Kevin decides to cheat, and feels guilty when Mr. Collins transfers him to an advance math class.
  10. Rock ‘n Roll - Kevin joins a rock and roll band.
  11. Don’t You Know Anything About Women? - After failing to ask out Susan Fisher to the dance, Kevin agrees to go to the school dance with his lab partner (as friends), only to then be asked by Susan to save a dance for her.
  12. The Powers That Be - Grandpa Arnold brings Kevin a dog, to Jack's dismay.
  13. She, My Friend, and I - Kevin gets over Winnie. Carla breaks up with Paul, who then tells Kevin that he'd like to go out with Winnie, so Kevin asks Winnie to ask Paul out, only to regain his feelings for Winnie.
  14. St. Valentine’s Day Massacre - After telling Winnie that he knows she likes him, Winnie refuses to talk to Kevin. After Paul gets back together with Carla by giving her a Valentines card, Kevin tries to do the same for Winnie, only for the card to accidentally go into Becky Slater's locker. But eventually, Kevin and Winnie do end up together.
  15. The Tree House - Kevin and Jack build a tree house together.
  16. Glee Club - Kevin and Paul join the glee club.
  17. Night Out - Kevin and Winnie go to a make-out party together.
  18. Faith - As a homework assignment, Kevin has to write his own obituary, while Norma worries about losing the receipts when she and Jack have to do taxes.
  19. The Unnatural - Kevin tries out for the baseball team, which is coached by a former war buddy of Jack's, and worries that he'll only make the team because of that.
  20. Good-Bye - Mr. Collins helps Kevin prepare for a big math test, but Kevin becomes angry when Collins can't help on the last few days.
  21. Cocoa and Sympathy - Paul starts to hang out with Norma.
  22. Daddy’s Little Girl - Karen doesn't want to have a party on her birthday.
  23. Moving - Kevin learns that Winnie is moving a few miles away and will be attending a different school.

     Season 4 
  1. Growing Up - The Arnold's go to Jack's company's picnic.
  2. Ninth Grade Man - Kevin enters the ninth grade, promising to think about Winnie every hour.
  3. The Journey - Kevin and his friends learn of a slumber party being held by older girls, and hear a rumor that they'll let them in if they bring beer.
  4. The Cost of Living - Kevin becomes a caddie after learning about how well they get tipped, only to find that his first client is Jack's boss, playing against Jack.
  5. It’s a Mad, Mad, Madeline World - Kevin and Madeline Addams, an attractive student with the hots for Kevin, get assigned partners for a cooking assignment in French class. When Kevin goes to her house, he leaves behind the bracelet Winnie had given him, and worries about getting it back in time for their date.
  6. Little Debbie - Kevin reluctantly agrees to be Paul's sister Debbie's date at a dance.
  7. The Ties That Bind - Jack gets a promotion at work, at the expense of having to travel during Thanksgiving.
  8. The Sixth Man - Paul joins the school basketball team.
  9. A Very Cutlip Christmas - Kevin finds out that Mr. Cutlip secretly has a part-time job as a mall Santa Claus.
  10. The Candidate - Kevin runs against Becky for school president.
  11. Heartbreak - When their schools go on a field trip together, Kevin becomes annoyed when Winnie wants to spend more time with her new friends. He eventually learns that she has a new boyfriend.
  12. Denial - After Winnie breaks up with Kevin, Kevin talks Paul into throwing a party in an attempt to win her back, only to learn that Winnie's new boyfriend will also be there.
  13. Who's Aunt Rose? - Grandpa Arnold takes the family to the funeral of a relative Kevin didn't know about.
  14. Courage - Kevin is in love with his dentists assistant, who admires Kevin for his bravery. But when Kevin gets his first cavity, he's afraid that she'll see him as a coward.
  15. Buster - Kevin's dog Buster starts barking constantly. The vet reveals that Buster has to be neutered.
  16. Road Trip - Norma tells Jack to take Kevin to buy him a new suit, but he gets lost on the way.
  17. When Worlds Collide - To Kevin's embarrassment, Norma gets hired as a secretary at Kevin's school.
  18. Separate Rooms - When Karen announces she won't be returning home for the summer, Kevin and Wayne fight over which one will get her room.
  19. The Yearbook - Kevin gets asked to help pick quotes for each student for the yearbook, but feels guilty when he picks "oink oink" as the quote for a fat classmate.
  20. The Accident - Winnie starts to hang out with Kevin again, but then she also starts hanging out with bad students.
  21. The House That Jack Built - Jack becomes upset when he learns that Karen is now living with her boyfriend, Michael.
  22. Graduation - Kevin becomes upset when he learns that instead of going to the same school as Kevin, Paul will be attending prep school.
  23. The Wonder Years: A Look Back - A Clip Show.

     Season 5 
  1. The Lake - While on vacation at a lake, Kevin begins a romance with a girl named Cara, spending time with her as opposed to the family.
  2. Day One - Kevin starts his first day of senior high school, reuniting with an annoying former classmate and having a conflict with his civics teacher.
  3. The Hardware Store - Kevin hates his job at an old-fashioned hardware store and would rather take a fast food job at the mall (where he can meet women and make more money), but Kevin's boss won't let him quit.
  4. Frank and Denise
  5. Full Moon Rising - Kevin's friend Ricky gets his drivers license, and Kevin breaks a date to hang out with him for a night of driving.
  6. Triangle
  7. Soccer - Kevin joins the school soccer team.
  8. Dinner Party - The family goes out for Jack's birthday, and Karen - who Jack hadn't communicated with since learning she's living with her boyfriend - brings Michael along.
  9. Christmas Party - The Arnold's throw their annual Christmas party, though less guests are able to come this year.
  10. Pfeiffer’s Choice - Jack becomes resentful of Paul's father, Alvin, when he becomes rich from an investment that Jack turned down an offer to get into.
  11. Road Test - Kevin takes driver's ed, but while he is good at everything else, he struggles with parallel parking.
  12. Grandpa’s Car - After Grandpa gets his drivers license suspended, Kevin has to drive him home - only for Grandpa to switch places in the car once they drive away from the Arnold household.
  13. Kodachrome - Kevin has a teacher who lets the students pick their own grades
  14. Private Butthead - Wayne and Wart decide to join the army.
  15. Of Mastodons and Men
  16. Double Double Date - Kevin and Winnie set each other up with dates, only to end up as a couple again.
  17. Hero - Kevin's school's basketball team makes it to the championship.
  18. Lunch Stories - Various things happen during lunchtime: Kevin agrees to donate blood, some students ask Kevin to help them sneak out to go to an x-rated movie, Chuck works up the courage to ask somebody out, Paul gets his clothes dirty before giving a speech, and Wayne tries to learn the real name of a student nobody knows the real name of.
  19. Carnal Knowledge - While Kevin and his friends fail to sneak in to see Carnal Knowledge, Paul ends up losing his virginity to the daughter of a family friend.
  20. The Lost Weekend - When Jack and Norma leave the house for a weekend and and Wayne leaves Kevin behind, Kevin and friends throw a party, which ends up getting out of control.
  21. Stormy Weather - Karen moves back into the Arnold household after Michael asked her to marry him.
  22. The Wedding - Karen and Michael get married, only to break the news that they will be moving to Alaska for Michael's job.
  23. Back to the Lake - Kevin decides to reunite with Cara.
  24. Broken Hearts and Burgers - After flirting with a girl at the fast food restaurant, Winnie gets mad at Kevin, who recalls past moments with Winnie.

     Season 6 
  1. Homecoming - Kevin steals the mascot from a rival school, while Wart returns from the army.
  2. Fishing - Kevin, Jack, and Wayne go on a fishing trip.
  3. Scenes from a Wedding
  4. Sex and Economics - Needing money, Kevin accepts a job to paint his hot teacher's house.
  5. Politics as Usual
  6. White Lies - While the parents are away, Winnie falls asleep at Kevin's house while working on homework, and Kevin makes Winnie mad by lying to his friends about what happened.
  7. Wayne and Bonnie - Wayne starts dating Bonnie, a single mother, while Kevin begins dating a younger woman after Winnie breaks up with him.
  8. Kevin Delivers - Kevin deals with delivering Chinese food.
  9. The Test - Kevin prepares for his SATs, while Jack starts his own furniture business.
  10. Let Nothing You Dismay - At Christmas time, Jack tries to get a loan for his furniture business while Kevin tries to find the right gift for Winnie after seeing her with a large package which he thinks is for him.
  11. New Years - Bonnie breaks up with Wayne on New Years Eve.
  12. Alice in Autoland - Chuck's girlfriend Alice helps Kevin buy a new car, and becomes attracted to him.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen… The Rolling Stones - Kevin and his friends hear a rumor that The Rolling Stones are playing a private concert nearby.
  14. Unpacking - Jeff becomes attracted to a new girl, but is still in a relationship with his old girlfriend from his home town.
  15. Hulk Arnold - Kevin joins the wrestling team, but despite being good at wrestling in gym class, he struggles on the team.
  16. Nose - Ricky becomes embarrassed by his new girlfriend's nose.
  17. Eclipse - While on a field trip, Winnie gets mad at Kevin when he says that she's too perfect and considers stealing to prove him wrong, while Chuck gets left behind on the way.
  18. Poker - Kevin, Paul, Chuck, Randy, Ricky, and Jeff have a poker night.
  19. The Little Women - Winnie gets a higher score than Kevin on her SATs.
  20. Reunion - The Arnolds stay at Norma's parents' house when Norma prepares for her high school reunion.
  21. Summer - Kevin gets a summer job at a golf course where Winnie works at.
  22. Independence Day - After catching Winnie kissing a co-worker, the two break up and get fired, with no money or transportation of their own to get home.

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