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Tear Jerker / The Wonder Years

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  • Built on a metric ton of these. Special stand-outs include:
    • The first episode's final revelation
    • Kevin's "I love you" to Winnie while she's sick at home.
    • Kevin failing his piano recital utterly and admitting (in narration) that he doesn't even remember how to play anymore.
    • The episode Summer Song where Kevin meets a girl he really likes while on vacation and she promises to write back to him. He gets one letter but then he never hears from her again
    • The time Kevin tried to submit a "funny" caption for an overweight student for the yearbook ... only to learn from the student himself that he has dealt with bullying and worse because of his struggles with his weight, and that things always will be that way for him.
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    • The time a teacher Kevin was starting to bond with passed away, and after Kevin had lost his temper and fought with him to boot.
    • The episode "Private Butthead", where Wayne intends to join the army instead of going to college, causing a fight between him and Jack. He's rejected after his physical reveals he suffers psoriasis, and he ends up crying on Jack's shoulder when he realizes he's not sure what he's going to do with the rest of his life.
    • Wayne comforting his friend Wart, who's come back from the war to much scorn and feels unwelcome in their home town, by literally giving him the shirt off his back. Really, any moment that shows Wayne's human side due to his being the Big Brother Bully 90 percent of the time.
    • The Series Finale's ending commentary. The entire finale has to be one of the saddest, yet most enlightening in TV history.


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