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Recap / Static Shock S 4 E 1 Future Shock

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Static assists Batman and Robin in taking down a time traveling villain. As a result, however, he's sent forty years into the future. Before he can find a way back home, a retired Bruce Wayne and future Batman Terry McGinnis recruit him to save a hero: Static, Virgil's future self.

Tropes for this episode include:

  • And I'm the Queen of Sheba: When Terry tells Virgil that he's Batman during their fight, Virgil doesn't believe him and introduces himself as Beyoncé. Terry didn't catch the sarcasm as when Bruce arrives, he tells him the intruder claims he's someone called Beyoncé.
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  • Compressed Vice: More like Compressed Desire; Static admits that he wishes that he had a mentor, the way Tim and Terry have one in Bruce.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Adult Static versus the Cobras. He only flicks his fingers and they go down.
  • Doomed by Canon: A nonfatal example: Terry mentions offhand to Virgil that Robin is a citizen in the future. He doesn't mention that Robin was tortured by the Joker and then body-hijacked by him. If Virgil had known, he definitely would have told Tim Drake.
  • Dramatic Irony; Virgil sees a future Bruce, who has retired and is mentoring another Batman. He has no idea about why Future Bruce retired, and only tells present day Bruce, who would rather not know his future, that he still has hair.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?:
    • Robin is annoyed that the press refers to him as Batman's "young friend"
    • Averted when Terry gives Virgil a What the Hell, Hero? speech for getting tricked by the Jokerz. Virgil actually looks crestfallen in that he failed, and goes to think on how to save himself.
  • Entertainingly Wrong:
    • So a random person in a costume is in the Bat Cave? He must be an intruder? Terry might have gone on the offensive, but he's had intruders in the dark before.
    • Cobra on seeing a smaller Static assumes that he is a "failed clone". Entirely plausible in this continuity, and also entirely incorrect.
  • Future Badass: Static in the future is most definitely this, given that he's a high profile hero that needs to be locked down in stasis when the Cobras capture him. The present Static is impressed with what he becomes.
  • Hostage Situation: The Cobra gang have taken Static hostage to free their leader from prison. The police is willing to do a prisoner exchange.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: When Virgil ends up in the future, Terry mistakes him for an intruder. They begin to fight as Virgil lectures Terry on attacking Batman's "guests".
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  • Mugging the Monster: The Jokerz made a mistake in targeting Virgil while the latter is in civilian guise.
  • Theme Tune Cameo: The music that plays when Static is being pulled forward and backward through time is a remix of the Batman Beyond theme.
  • Time for Plan B: When they miss a Cobra contact, Static goes to his old gas station to think. He finds a fake message from Gear in the hideout, which leads them to the Cobra's location.

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