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Recap / Battlestar Galactica 2003 S 01 E 0133

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Season 1, Episode 01:


Onboard Colonial One, Gaius Baltar is having a dream where HeadSix is explaining to him that God has a plan for everyone, including him, and expresses a desire to have children. Meanwhile, the weary crew of Galactica sends out its compliment of Vipers as a Cylon Basestar FTL-jumps into their vicinity. The Colonial Fleet jumps out and, after recalling the Vipers, Galactica follows as well. Commander Adama resets a countdown on one of the ship's monitors, ticking down to the Cylon's next attack. Meanwhile, Baltar preoccupies himself with another dream about HeadSix, as she mentions how the Colonial Fleet will eventually make a mistake…


Onboard the Galactica, Adama and Colonel Tigh discuss how the fleet is beginning to feel the strain of the repeated FTL-jumps: computers and engines are starting to malfunction and break down. Elsewhere, Anastasia Dualla walks through the Battlestar's corridors and sees a makeshift memorial that has been built for missing loved ones.

On Galactica's flight deck, Lee Adama and Kara Thrace are checking their Vipers when he asks if she has been taking her stimulants. Kara snaps at him, but they both realize that the stress has been getting to them. In her Raptor, Sharon "Boomer" Valerii is also trying to adjust to her new co-pilot, "Crashdown", and lamenting how she left Karl "Helo" Agathon behind on Caprica in order to save Baltar.

President Roslin is combing through paperwork when she receives a message from Billy Keikeya that a Dr. Amarak would like to speak with her, and has information on how the Cylons breached the Colonial defenses. Realizing that he won't have time to be transported from the ship he's on, the Olympic Carrier, Roslin orders him be brought over after their next jump. Baltar overhears the conversation and becomes worried, as he realizes that Amarak was a fellow colleague of his and could implicate him in the Cylon attack.


On Caprica, Helo is still alive, and has been on the run for six days. He makes his way through a forest being pursued by two Cylon Centurions, and then uses an explosive trap to destroy them. A short time later, while injecting radiation medicine into his neck, he is distracted by a Six wearing a white coat, and is suddenly surrounded and captured by more Centurions.

The Galactica and the fleet execute their 237th jump, but the Olympic Carrier is nowhere to be found. Baltar breathes a sigh of relief as HeadSix tells him it is because God is watching out for him. Onboard the Galactica, Tigh gives a speech to motivate the crew as they blame themselves for the loss, but when they prepare to jump again, the Cylons don't attack. Adama orders the fleet to stand down from their immediate alert.

As Adama and Tigh take a few moments to collect themselves and talk, the Olympic Carrier reappears after jumping. Fearing the worst, Adama orders an air patrol led by Lee to investigate the ship, while simultaneously ordering the jump countdown to be reset. As the squad of Vipers near the ship, Adama also orders the Battlestar to cut communications with the carrier and communicate with it through signal lamps.


Meanwhile, Boomer and Crashdown are flying near the Olympic Carrier when a radiological alarm goes off, revealing a nuclear weapon onboard the latter ship. The Olympic Carrier begins moving quickly towards the fleet, just as the countdown expires. A Cylon Basestar appears in the distance as the Olympic Carrier accelerates and heads on a collision course with the Battlestar.

Adama and Roslin argue over whether or not to destroy the craft, while Lee tries to look into the Olympic Carrier and doesn't see anyone. Meanwhile, Baltar is frightened by what could happen if Amarak reveals what happened on Caprica. HeadSix asks Baltar to "repent" before God, and as he does, Roslin agrees to destroy the Olympic Carrier. Still conflicted over what he must do, Lee and Kara open fire and destroy the Olympic Carrier just before it impacts with Galactica.

Back on Caprica, Helo is resigned to death when the Six is shot and killed by… Sharon Valerii, who unties Helo and leads him away as another Six and two Centurions walk out from the woods and watch.

Galactica realizes a short while later that the Cylons are no longer pursuing them, and that the Olympic Carrier was broadcasting the fleet's coordinates so they could attack. Onboard Colonial One, Roslin copes with what has happened, but receives an unexpected bit of good news: a baby has been born.


  • Ascended Extra: Helo.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The Olympic Carrier is destroyed and 1,300 people are killed, but the fleet has finally freed themselves of the continual pursuit from the Cylons, while Roslin receives word that a baby was born in the fleet.
  • Bottled Heroic Resolve: The Viper pilots use stimulants to keep themselves alert while fighting the Cylons. Later discussed when Kara claims she doesn't need them because they make her reflexes bunch up.
  • The Bus Came Back: Helo, who is shown to have been surviving on Caprica ever since he gave his spot on the Raptor for Baltar.
  • Cryptic Conversation: HeadSix's conversations with Baltar.
  • Dramatic Pause: When the Olympic Carrier returns.
    Tigh: Thank the Gods.
    Bill: (stares at the screen for a few moments) …Reset the clock for 33 minutes.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Baltar tells Roslin to cut off radio communications, even though the Colonials use the term "wireless."
  • Gut Punch: The destruction of the Olympic Carrier, which (supposedly) had 1,300 people aboard, and is destroyed by Lee as it makes a kamikaze run at the fleet.
  • Hyperspeed Escape: The fleet pulls it a whopping 237 times while fleeing from the continual Cylon pursuit.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Lee to his father after destroying the Olympic Carrier, which may or may not have had civilians still onboard.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: The Cylons try this against Galactica in the opening sequence, but the latter jumps before the missiles impact.
  • Mauve Shirt: Helo, who was presumed dead, reappears on Caprica, while the actor who plays him (Tahmoh Penikett) is Promoted to Opening Credits.
  • Mission from God:
    HeadSix: God has a plan for everything and everyone.
  • Not Quite the Right Thing: Adama and Roslin grapple with whether or not to destroy the Olympic Carrier, as there are still people onboard. With only a moment's notice, Roslin reluctantly agrees with Adama that it has to be destroyed in order to save the fleet.
  • One-Word Title
  • Running Time in the Title
  • Sacrificial Lamb: Played With. Dr. Amarak and the occupants of the Olympic Carrier are introduced as being potential new characters (the former of whom is willing to provide intel on Baltar). Then, it's revealed that the ship was taken over by the Cylons and used in an attempt to detonate a nuclear device as it crashed into Galactica. However, it's unclear if anyone was actually on the ship to begin with, although flickering lights and moving shadows can be seen onboard when Lee is flying near it.
  • Sensor Suspense: The crew waiting to see if the sensor will appear during the opening sequence, and later, the reappearance of the Olympic Carrier causes Adama to reset the jump countdown.
  • Shown Their Work: Since the Fleet has been on the run for almost five days, sleep deprivation is an issue, and is portrayed realistically here. Instead of yawning constantly and saying "I'm so tired" as is commonly shown in movies and TV shows, characters are short-tempered, irritable, fall asleep at their stations and are forgetful of simple things, all real signs of sleep deprivation.
  • Shrine to the Fallen: The Galactica crew set up a memorial for lost and missing crew members, while the Viper crew all touch a photograph of a soldier kneeling under a flag as they leave their briefing.
  • Stock Footage: The Viper/Cylon fight seen in the opening jump sequence is reused from the miniseries.
  • Tired of Running: Discussed. The fleet has been on the run for several days, and characters do bring up the issue of getting slow enough to be open to an attack and having to stand their ground. In the end, the destruction of the Olympic Carrier (which was taken out by Lee after it attempted to suicide-bomb the fleet) solves the issue of the pursuing Cylons.


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