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"The second edition of the Standard carried a picture of me on the front page. Oh, bless. Fuck off, anonymity!"
Tom Baker on nailing the Doctor role, Who On Earth is Tom Baker?

"There were only two actors that anyone had ever heard of when Next Generation was announced: LeVar Burton and Wil Wheaton, because they were already stars. As you know, there was a famous sign I had outside my trailer door which quoted the very first thing which appeared in the calender section of the Los Angeles Times about me, which described me as, "Unknown Shakespearean actor." And that's what it said outside my trailer door: "Beware: Unknown Shakespearean Actor ""

Peter Davison: Look at Martin—wait, he's off the screen. We just missed Martin Clunes' first-ever appearance.
Janet Fielding: That was it, the start of a wonderful career! (And in my case the end of one.)
Doctor Who, "Snakedance" audio commentary

"I bet Anthony Head had no idea how taking on this role as a British librarian in a US teen show would change his life so dramatically. Already fairly well known, this really put him on the map internationally."

I had no career before. None.

"So instead of swatting [flies] with our hands, we should be holding them in our hearts! Instead of spraying them with Raid, we should shower them with affection! After all, you never know: Somebody who started out as a fly may go on to such great things as Jurassic Park...Independence Day...and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Sundays at 9 on USA!"
Jeff Goldblum alludes to his experience with this trope by way of defending flies on The Colbert Report (June 18, 2009)


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