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"...This isn't just a movie, it's my movie, and in my movie I get to kiss Caitlin Ryan."

"When I finally had a copy of the finished, printed, lettered, colored U$#219 in my hands, with a complete Scrooge adventure credited to being both written and drawn by "Don Rosa"? After I had dreamed of that so much all my life... and I mean ALL my life, from my earliest memory... dreamed of it so much that I copied Barks stories just for my own amusement as a child? How did I feel? Words fail to express it."
-— Don Rosa

"Pure bucket list, man. I don’t think they realize how much it means to me. I am such a Disney nerd. I really am, not just stuff that is my generation like Little Mermaid on, Aladdin probably being my favorite of all that stuff, but going way back to really classic Disney and not just like the big features that everyone knows, but little featurettes like Pecos Bill, Johnny Appleseed, Paul Bunyan, Lambert the Sheepish Lion, Ferdinand the Bull and Suzie the Car. To be here at Disneyland talking to you about a Disney movie, I have to ask myself, 'What’s going on?' *laughs*"
Zachary Levi, after being asked "What does it mean to you as an actor and as an individual to be part of the Disney animated legacy?" concerning his role in Tangled

"Getting to write a Doctor Who episode, for me, anyway, was probably the nearest to being God that I have ever been or will ever get." [..] "I got to bring on Batman and write dialogue for Batman, but making Batman talk does not actually compare to the feeling of glorious power you get the moment you type 'INTERIOR - TARDIS'."

"Four years ago, a lonely Todd dreamed of someday doing a review with The Nostalgia Critic. That dream comes true today."
Todd in the Shadows, tweeting about his crossover with The Nostalgia Critic for The Wiz

"My entire career has been a secret plan to get this job. I applied before but I got knocked back because the BBC wanted someone else. Also, I was seven."
Steven Moffat, upon being named lead writer/producer for Doctor Who

"I think if my eight-year-old self could see me at the Royal Albert Hall winning a prize for playing the Doctor on telly, he would need a stiff shot of Irn-Bru."
David Tennant at the 2006 National Television Awards

David Tennant: [Doctor Who] was hugely important to me. It was a- it was a- Because it was a show where- where the hero wasn't a jock. [...]
Stephen Colbert: 'Cause Bond's the jock.
David Tennant: Exactly. I love Bond too, but I could- I could be the Doctor. Turned out I was!

"Dracula can be a flypaper trap. First you read it, casually, and then, once you've put it away, you might find yourself, almost against your will, wondering about things in the crevices of the novel, things hinted at, things implied. And once you begin to wonder, it is only a matter of time before you will find yourself waking in the moonlight to find yourself writing novels or stories about the minor characters or offstage events - or worse, like mad Renfield forever classifying and sorting his spiders and his flies, before, finally, consuming them, you might even find yourself annotating it.
Neil Gaiman in his introduction to The New Annotated Dracula

joemerl: Will my terrible fanfic OC be in the new "DuckTales?"
Frank Angones: All mine are.
Tumblr page of Frank Angones, developer and story writer for DuckTales (2017)

Notes: King of Figaro / Owns a big sand castle (sort of) / Loves the ladies / "The churl never gets the girl" / Voiced by a true FF fan

"I remember actually going to see the first Avengers with one of my best mates from home, and I'd never have dreamed that I'd ever be in one of these movies, let alone playing Spider-Man. I feel like I'm on top of the world, because this is just mind-blowing."

The director of a short film I worked on compared fan art to cover bands. Bands sometimes start out doing covers of more famous bands, or do their own remixes. This helps a new band gain attention; it is extremely difficult nowadays to gain any kind of lasting notoriety. Fan art is similar; it’s hard to get noticed with your original work, so doing fan art of popular characters can help increase your visibility and get more eyes on your original work.


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