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Zapp Brannigan: Nothing remains now but for the captain to go down with his ship.
Kiff: Why, that's surprisingly noble of you, sir.
Zapp Brannigan: No, it's noble of you, Kiff! As of now, you're in command. Congratulations, captain.
Futurama, "A Flight to Remember"

Please, Zuko. What ulterior motive could I have? What could I possibly gain by letting you get all the glory for defeating the Avatar? Unless somehow, the Avatar was actually alive. All that glory would suddenly turn to shame and foolishness. But you said yourself that was impossible.

Warden: Henderson has made me a divisional head.
McKeown: Yeah. Well done you.
Warden: He made Brian Pritchard a division head too.
McKeown: And we don't like Brian Pritchard?
Warden: Brian Pritchard was my predecessor as Mr Henderson's assistant. Just under a year ago, he began serving nineteen consecutive life sentences.
McKeown: So no, then?
Warden: The UR's current government have been making a concerted effort to combat corruption. Since they came into power, there have been several high-profile investigations into the Henderson organization's activities. Each time, all incriminating evidence has mysteriously led to only one of the company divisions. Each time, the head of that division has taken full responsibility. Each time, Mr Henderson's lawyers have convinced the jury that Henderson himself knew nothing about it. It has been a continuous pattern. He now refers to the process as the "naughty-ectomy."

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