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Recap / Doctor Who New Adventures The Dying Days

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The first (and last) Virgin New Adventures featuring The Eighth Doctor and the sixth one featuring The Ice Warriors.

Tropes :

  • Invisible President: It's set in 1997, but at the time of publication (1996) both the American and British national elections were being contested, thus meaning that the identities of both the President and the Prime Minister are deliberately kept vague.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Lord Edward Greyhaven is meant to be 'played' by Ian Richardson and clearly takes basis from Richardson's most famous role, Francis Urquhart, the main character from political drama "House of Cards".
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  • Promoted to Scapegoat: In a fashion similar to "Yes Minister" the book goes into detail on the Great Offices of State and says how "The Home Secretary was the man who had to deal with every child murderer, escaped prisoner, dangerous dog, inner-city riot, drug dealer, illegal immigrant, terrorist, car accident, rapist and cracked pavement in Britain." As a result the Party and people will blame them whenever things goes wrong, the book saying anyone who wanted to be Home Secretary was an idiot.

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