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Quotes / Press Start to Game Over

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"Do not pass Go, do not collect 200 zorkmids"
Nethack, if you are luckless or incompetent enough to die on the first turn.

"Game over? I think there has to be a game first for it to be over. Maybe they're talking about the game of life."

"There's more than one stage that kills you if you don't press anything in a first second or two. This is gameplay I would expect from a fucking ROM hackdesigned by Hitler!"

"Nice! Fucking beautiful! The first ladder you see drops you into a pit where you get killed by a bat or a bird — whatever it is."
— The Angry Video Game Nerd in his review of Super Pitfall

"The game hasn't started yet, but you just couldn't help yourself. You just shit your pants. Game over."

Wow! 0.4 seconds! Of the five goes I had at Hambo's Adventures, two of them ended in less than a second. Pure class.

"The Pokémon fled!"
Pokémon GO Plus peripheral, if you try catch a Pokémon and fail.

You Haven't Lived Until You've Died...During character creation.
This shirt, referencing Traveller


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