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Hizzoner has, of course, no clue what these ski-masked "terrorists" are talking about, but the cubs get more and more pissed. One gets the bright idea that the Master Vamp had put some sort of Jedi Mind Trick on him and beating the snot out of an overweight, forty-year old white guy just isn't as fun as they'd like it to be. Now, the Theurge has been using Sense Wyrm like once every five minutes, determined he's going to find something. You know what he got? Nothing but a headache. Vampires have the hooks in city politics, sure. But they do it in the same way everyone else buys off the city - with money and favours.
Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Book Of The City

"Not really. I went along because I wanted my full powers back."
Sonata Dusk, Blueberry Pie

Dr. Eggman: Do you remember what happened that day, pretty boy? How you threw away all the trust you had for your sister just to fulfill what you wanted?
Shining Armor: I was under Chrysalis' spell! I wasn't in control of what I was doing!
Dr. Eggman: Indeed you were, but do you know what that spell actually did to you?
Shining Armor: I-It stole my love and brainwashed me to neglect Twilight.
Dr. Eggman: Not quite, Shining Armor. Yes, it stole your love and fed Queen Chrysalis, but the only other thing it did to you was make you believe she was Cadance, no matter what she did. Everything you said to your sister, you said it of your own free will! Her spell had no influence over you in that regard!

"Lissen, scum-breath— no one controls me. Not Slade and certainly not you. I do what I wanna do... and right now I wanna see you damn do-gooders die... real slow and real painful."

Buzz: Of course! Amnesia!
Warp: No.
Buzz: Evil clone.
Warp: No.
Buzz: Android replica.
Warp: No.
...Okay, okay, it's so obvious! Zurg's mind-control ray. He got to you first.
Warp: Actually, I went to him. Evil is just so much more profitable than good. And more fun.

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