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"Even though we're not related by blood..."
— Too many incest hentai to count.

Jack: What's coming?
Locke: Something mysterious, but first here comes a father and a son. And a Korean who speaks perfect English, but nobody knows it yet. Oh yeah, there's also a hot blonde who's had sex with her brother, but they are not blood related so it's okay... kind of.
MADtv's Lost parody

"The main characters are your standard JRPG pick-and-mix. There's the pretty-boy hero who comes across as wetter than a swimming pool in New Orleans; the angry, immature girl who secretly craves pretty-boy cock; the hero's ADOPTED sister, whose non-blood related status is made abundantly clear to a somewhat suspect degree.

Matt: [reading text] I'm tired of my sister- She is your cousin A. And B that's still terrible.
Matt from Two Best Friends as he plays a Bible Black game

Sora: And that's my gamer sister!
Shiro: Who's not related by blood.
Sora: Who's not related by blood!
Shiro: Let me sit on your lap.
Sora: Did I mention she's still not related by blood? Cause it would be totally weird if she were related by blood. So it's a good thing she's not related by blood. At all.
Shiro: I am eleven though-

"Now, you may discover that your sister is adopted. She may actually be your stepsister or your cousin. In such special circumstances, STILL DON'T HAVE SEX WITH HER, YOU DEGENERATE, GARBAGE HUMAN BEING!! JESUS H. CHRIST, THERE ARE HALF A DOZEN BEAUTIFUL, NOT-RELATED-TO-YOU-AT-ALL WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?"

Ryan: It's not incest technically because it's not—
Shane: Any time you have to say, "It's not incest, technically," that's not great, Ryan.
Buzzfeed Unsolved, "The Mysterious Death of the Boy in the Box"

Hi, everybody. My name is Lindsay. I'm fifteen and I am... uh... how should I put this? Well, I'm in love with my brother—stepbrother, of course! Why? What did you think?
I'm Dating My Stepbrother, ACTUALLY HAPPENED

Narrator: Kei Shirogane is his little sister, but they're not related by blood.
Shirogane: Don't dump this complicated family situation on me.
Narrator: She has a serious brother complex, and she sees Miyuki as a man.
Shirogane: That's a red flag.
Narrator: Also, they live alone together because their parents are overseas for business.
Shirogane: Yeah that's definitely a red flag. Why hasn't anyone called child protective services?
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, "Kagukoku: Miyuki and His Girls"

Vanya: Aren't we all brothers and sisters?
Allison: Well... Technically...
Klaus: "Technically"? If you had to use the word "technically", you're already in trouble.

Revache goon: Forgive my rudeness, but you two hardly resemble each other.
Tio: There's a simple explanation for that. I joined their family after my mother married into it, so my brother and I are actually step siblings. That means we could get married, if we wanted to.


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