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"Loving you...
Loving you...
Love-love-loving you
Was like loving the dead.
Was like
fucking the dead!"
Type O Negative, "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)"

"There's no pain and there's no pressure
No verbal humiliation
There's no fear, there's no shame
There's no pulse, so is it so strange?"
Voltaire, "Dead Girls"

Shao Kahn: Honey, I'll get it in a moment.
Sindel (over phone): Actually, I was joking around. We've got an actual crisis.
Shao Kahn: Are the Saurians invading or something?
Sindel (over phone): Kitana's dating.
Shao Kahn: That's not really a crisis.
Sindel (over phone): It's Kang.
Shao Kahn: ...Please tell me that Raiden or Nightwolf at least fully resurrected him fi-
Sindel (over phone): ...Nope.
Shao Kahn: *gives the most squicked-out face imaginable*

"I love dead people. (Beat) Frequently."
Necromancer chatter, War Craft III

Thief: Smells like paint thinner.
Black Mage: Might not be.
Thief: You know, she could die if she drinks this.
Black Mage: The way I see it, the body takes a while to cool. So either way, I get what I want.
Red Mage: That... may be the worst thing you have ever said.

"I'll tear your heart out, then I will love you when you're dead."
Terrorwheel, "Under Your Skin"

"Dude, if she’s hot enough, she doesn’t need a pulse."

Even nigrimancy itself underwent its own renaissance then, because not only were the spirits being dealt with, the necromancers thought it was fun to stick their dicks in the corpses or cock-ride dead men - which of course, angered the spiriti that used to reside in those bodies, making them easier to compel.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Giovanni (Revised)

[When disposing of a corpse]
Malory: Is Kreiger hard at work?
Archer: He literally might be.
Archer, "Lo Scandalo"

"You can call it necrophilia and say it's vile
I just know I wanna do it George Romero style"
Seanan McGuire, Some Girls

C'mon now, mate — gotta have standards. I know we're shootin' and rapin', but necrophilia's a step too far!
Sigmund, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, when Freud attempts this trope

No information—historical, experimental, or otherwise—has surfaced regarding the results of sexual relations with an undead specimen, but as previously noted, the nature of Solanum suggests a high danger of infection. Warning against such an act would be useless, as the only people deranged enough to try would be unconcerned for their own safety.

Falanu Hlaalu: By the way... do you happen to know what the fine is here in Cyrodiil for necrophilia? Just asking.
Hero of Kvatch: Is it the first offense?
Falanu: Let's assume 'no'.
Hero: Then it's at least 500 gold.
Falanu: That's nothing compared to Morrowind. Thanks.


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