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I actually think that Savalas plays one of the better Bond villains in the series, one of the best developed. I just think he’s hampered by following Pleasence, which means that he has to inherit all these design attributes that attempt to connect him to his predecessor — the cat, the costume, that sort of thing. The problem is that these trappings don’t suit Savalas as well as they suited Pleasence and, as a result, he occasionally looks a bit uncomfortable. I have no doubt that — had Savalas been playing a character free of the burden of following Pleasence — he’d be regarded as one of the strongest Bond villains in the canon.

Kirk says, 'It wouldn’t be the Enterprise without a Sulu at the helm.' Well, it wouldn’t be an Enterprise that looked like it belonged as the flagship, at any rate. I’ve harped on it before, but the other Enterprise designs really weren’t great. From the 'Love Boat with heavy artillery' used in TNG to the souped-up 'Does this look any more intimidating? Please say yes!' model in the NextGen-cast films to the lackluster salad trivet that Scott Bakula was the captain of, nothing can really match the sleek and elegant simplicity of the original Enterprise, NCC-1701, no bloody A, B, C, or D.

Janeway and Kim going dewy eyed at the thought of living back in the days of Kirk and McCoy is enough to make you want to self harm — especially Harry who dreams of what it would be like to live back in those unpredictable times. Kim you young chump, you wouldn’t last five minutes.

Finally, though the John Williams music never gets old, cribbing the style of the closing credits from the films was just grossly unnecessary and reminds us that despite the few new layers this show has added to the mythos generally, it's been hobbling along in utter dependence on the specific feelings and associations we've acquired somewhere else.

Is that any kind of legacy?

Platypus-Bunny: I'm watching Legend of Korra now.
Nostalgia Critic: Really? How's that?
Platypus-Bunny: Eh, it's okay, but it's no Avatar.

Here is a language so far ahead of its time that it was not only an improvement on its predecessors but also on nearly all its successors.
C.A.R. Hoare on the Algol 60 programming language.

The only good Die Hard movie was the first.

Let's hope this is the end of the Jaws series. The first film was thrilling and well-acted. The rest have been trash.


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