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Quotes / Ambiguously Brown

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Film Brain: What race are you, anyway?
Todd in the Shadows: Don't worry about it.
—Sunday School Musical BMB review.

Doug Walker: What race is he supposed to be?
Rob Walker: Offensive.
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie review commentary by The Nostalgia Critic writing team. more 

Iíve said this to you before and I know it makes you uncomfortable, but youíre thoughtful and youíre brilliant. And your ambiguous ethnic blend perfectly represents the dream of the American melting pot.
Lesile Knope, to Ann Perkins

They had an African-American chick with blue eyes.

Mr Fischoder: Are you an immigrant, Bob?
Bob: No.
Mr Fischoder: Oh. I just assumed you were since you're, you know, swarthy.
Gene: What's swarthy mean?
Bob: It means dark and hairy.
Gene: That's you! And me in the future!

Joyce: I...I've been trying to determine if it's rude to ask what, um, flavor of human you two are.
Walky: Well, my sister is black, but I'm generically beige.

"One's a baby, and the other's -- black. I think. At least, part black. Or Hispanic. I think, you know, there's possibly some Filipino in there. Yeah, possibly some Filipino. I mean, if he's—if he's black, it's definitely diluted. I mean, one of his parents must be white. What the hell is Jessica Alba for that matter? If I was 40 years younger, I would plow that until next July..."
Don LaFontaine, Family Guy, spoof trailer from a movie starring Stewie and Dwayne Johnson.

Archer: You're black...ish.
Lana: Ish?!
Archer: Well what's the word for it, Lana?! You freaked out when I said "quadroon!"

"Shadow had seen black guys who looked like Mr. Ibis. Shadow had seen white guys with tans who looked like Mr. Ibis."

"It's too bad you had to die...before we found out what ethnicity you were."
Chanel #5 on Chanel #2, Scream Queens (2015)

"Maybe someone who's small, and cute, and...ethnically hard to pin down."
Princess Isabella, Galavant