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  • In Alfred's Playhouse, Alfred's parents are shown to be ignoring him all the time, apparently left without him while at a Goodwill, and Alfred claims that he was the result of an unsuccessful abortion.
  • All three of Barbie's little sisters live with her in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. Whether they even have parents since they are literally toys and Barbie is apparently 40+ years old despite looking under 25. Maybe they're born their age and never physically age? Then again even Barbie's friends are weirded out by her age so it could be abnormal.
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  • In Captain Gamer: Digital Defender, main character Kate Gaines has only had her father mentioned — and that, only as an offhand notice in one paragraph of Back Story!
  • Jack Masterson of Chrono Hustle has no idea who his parents are. He grew up in, and occasionally out of the foster system.
  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues features multiple characters that have absent mothers or fathers, and some with parents that are neglectful or busy, but Hyeon is a unique case where both of his parents are alive and have abandoned him, initially leaving him to be raised by his grandmother before his cousin took over upon her death. The implication is that they left him to pursue a hedonistic lifestyle.
  • Entirely Presenting You: Several characters only have one parent in their life. For example, Alexis, the protagonist, doesn't have her father.
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  • Heroes Save the World: It's noted that Hannah has had to make meals for her younger siblings, often enough that seeing Austin get out some food for other people makes her think of these occasions. Many times, there wasn't even properly nourishing food, and she would have to scrounge up a meal from junk like chips.
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC lampshades the frequency of this with comic book characters in its Father's Day special. While recording Father's Day messages, Spider-Man asks if any of the superheroes gathered have parents who are actually alive and gets met with nothing but blank stares.
  • From Killerbunnies, we have multiple cases of this.
    • Nothing is said of Creamline's parents.
    • Both of Remilia's parents are dead, her mother dying when she was 8 and her biological father dying when she was eighteen.
    • Atlasnaya's parents sold her to the The Mafiya.
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    • Snow's parents were killed.
    • It is stated that the Junkard sisters have no clue where their parents are and they have been living like that for awhile but how long is never really said but it couldn't have been very long, seeing as Munchie is probably a year old.
    • Visceraline was speculated to have had something to do with her parents' disappearance, which, knowing her, wouldn't be outside of any foreseeable realm of possibility.
    • Mahalo's Parents were not directly mentioned but given the fact that she has a place to stay, it would be a safe assumption that are still alive and are also living in Honolulu. Likewise, Cerise's parents are alive or otherwise implied to be.
    • It is unknown what happened to Experiment XI0014101's parents but, seeing as she was used as an experiment since she was born, then odds are she was conceived through surrogate and was taken away soon after birth. The same circumstances could also apply to "Lilith".
    • According to Fabie, she lives with her grandmother in New York.
    • We have no clue what happened to Shiyu's parents and whether or not she is an orphan is unknown, although she was taken from where she initially was.
    • For the Urchins, Cybele's parents died in a fire, Absinthe was living with an aunt and uncle before they gave up custody of her, and Briallen has no memories of her parents and has been without them since she was baby.
    • Constance was taken away from her prostitute mother when she was a year old by her great-aunt Esther
    • Gunhilde was sent to live with her grandparents and that was after she burned her house down.
    • Iglika was brought back to Bergen, New Jersey where she was abandoned by her parents, and that was because her parents couldn't deal with her getting into fights.
  • More than half the protagonists in lonelygirl15 have parents who are either dead, missing, members of an evil cult, uncaring, or some combination of the above.
  • In Lovelace ½, Andi Gannett-Moore has been shuttled from Boarding School to summer camp to summer camp to boarding school continuously since she was a little kid.
  • Madgie's parents are dead, leaving her in her older sister's, Bunny, care.
    • On that note, Bunny also cares for Eglantine, Sweetheart and Speckles, Luckie, Binkie, Sorrel, and Magnolia after their mothers abandoned them, though, in the case of Sorrel and Magnolia their mothers died (Magnolia's mother, Margeret, died of illness and Sorrel's mother, Soreene, died in childbirth).
    • Toki also cares for abandoned or otherwise orphaned children and it is never stated what happened to their parents.
    • Her twin sister, Doki did adopt a baby that was abandoned right after birth in the hospital that she works in.
      • Similarily, Toki and Doki's parents died, leaving them to fend for themselves at 12.5 years old.
  • This is implied to have happened to at least three of the heroes of The Questport Chronicles, further cementing their statuses as broken cuties.
  • Season 14 of Red vs. Blue implies that Sarge might be the Disappeared Dad of Boomstick, having ran off to join the army instead of supporting a family.
  • SuperMarioLogan:
    • Bowser may be in the other room, but he rarely does anything to help his son, Junior, if it doesn't directly help himself as well. He beats his child for screwing up and screams at Chef Pee Pee, but beyond that he refuses to help his kid with homework, refuses to get his kid food, refuses to be around his son in general due to 'not liking him', and even admitted at one point he didn't even really want him.
    • In "Mario the Babysitter!", Jeffy's real parents left Jeffy for Mario to take care of, and have yet to return for him. Mario, who has since become Jeffy's Parental Substitute, has also tried to do this to him, and failed.
  • Occurs quite often in Survival of the Fittest, for various reasons.
  • Channel Awesome spoofs the Disney's way of doing this in Chester A Bum's review.
    Bum: But then he is like "Oh my god, I am a parent and married in a Disney film, I'M DOOMED!" and then he dies.
    • Speaking of TGWTG, The Nostalgia Critic's daddy left the family a while ago and is implied to have died of AIDS just before the Alaska review.
  • Whateley Universe:
    • Because of general prejudice against mutants, many parents kick their mutant children out of their home, though they rarely go to the lengths that the Goodkinds did. Aquerna is one of many other students whose parents have disowned them.
    • Trevor James Goodkind (who becomes Phase) starts off as a spoiled rich kid, heir to billions, and second in line to take over all of Goodkind International. But the Goodkinds hate and fear mutants (and his mother is clinically mutophobic). When he manifests as a mutant, he is kicked out of the family, disinherited, and then experimented on by a Mad Scientist in a Goodkind Research lab, some of which activities his parents witness. This may be worse than having your parents die.
    • There are other examples at the Super Hero School Whateley Academy. Generator has a deceased mother and a child-abuser criminal father. Carmilla's mother is dead and her father is a demon who can't visit this plane of existence under normal conditions. Bladedancer's parents are both dead, her father having been killed by the demon who is pursuing her to this day. There's also Heyoka, Timeless, Silver Ghost, Circuit Breaker...


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