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Nightmarefuel / Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

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  • When Adorabat discovers Ol' Blue is not impressed with Mao Mao's heroism (hence the name of the episode), she grabs Mao Mao's katana, points it at Blue and SCREAMS "Do you love your mommy? DO YOU LOVE YOUR MOMMY?!!?"
  • In "No Shortcuts," Adorabat wants to have one of her wings severed so that it could be replaced with a robotic version like Badgerclops' arm. Badgerclops produces a buzzsaw and 'happily obliges' until Mao Mao pulls her away at the last minute. Badgerclops was ready and willing to dismember a CHILD.
  • In "Outfoxed," Mao Mao (as Adorabat) and Badgerclops (as Reg) reveal their Batman Gambit by taking off their very convincing costumes after Rufus confesses to being a Con Man. In Badgerclops's case, he does so by drilling a hole through his costume's head from the inside. Rufus is so freaked out, he starts pulling at his own face and wondering if he's a costume.
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  • The flashback of Mao Mao losing his tail. There's a split-second internal shot of his tail bones, seen violently crushed. Anyone who's broken a bone knows how painful a fracture is. But dozens of them at once? Yeesh.
  • In "Popularity Conquest", we have Snugglemane giving an evil glare as he rubs his hands on a terrified Mao Mao's shoulders after his clothes have been stripped off in preparation for his "makeover."

  • In the episode "Bobo Chan" the Sky Pirates manage to ambush and overpower Badgerclops and tie him up and they also deactivate his mechanical arm with stickers, they also capture Mao Mao and Adorabat when the two try to rescue him, they try to throw Badgerclops off a cliff to his death. If Badgerclops did not hatch and raise Bobo Chan, Badgerclops would have died and the Sky Pirates would have killed Mao Mao and Adorabat too, since she could not fly since her wings were tied.
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  • The episode "Orangusnake Begins" has the Ruby Pure Heart give the Sky Pirates a giant Mecha with which they attack Mao Mao and Friends Sheriff's HQ and they even get Mao Mao in their hands, if Mao Mao didn't say he was afraid of the Sky Pirates right then and there, it is likely they would have killed him before Adorabat and Badgerclops could have unscrewed the giant robot in time to save him. This is probably the closest the Sky Pirates ever came to killing Mao Mao.
  • In the episode “Sugar Berry Fever”, Mao Mao encounters a large cobbler monster while inside the stomach of the boar monster. The monster has tentacles made of cobbler stuffing and at one point tries to devour Mao Mao. Had Mao Mao not mustered up enough courage, if the large cobbler monster was real, he would have easily been eaten.
  • To those that have a fear (or had a fear) of going to the dentist, the Astral Smoke Monster that Adorabat encounters in “Flyaway” is this. It has the shape of the dentist, except it’s entirely made of smoke and glowing purple eyes. Adorabat whimpering during this encounter doesn’t help, either.
    • Then, when Adorabat finally goes to the dentist, she is relieved that the dentist is not scary. She nods...but then it turns out the drill she uses to fix her teeth is gigantic. Poor Adorabat must have been in a lot of pain having her tooth fixed by that drill.
  • In "Sleeper Sofa", the Sky Pirates sneak into the Sheriff Headquarters by hiding inside a sofa Mao Mao orders, and sneak out of it in the middle of the night, planning to kill him in his sleep. Boss Hostrich chillingly asks to be the one to do it, and Orangusnake gets as far as to summoning his axe and lifting it over his head before they get distracted... by Badgerclops' collection of dipping sauces.
  • The implication that, were it not for Mao Mao and the gang acting as law enforcement for the kingdom after cracking the Ruby Pure Heart, the Sweetiepies would be very quickly and easily killed by monsters.
  • "Try Hard" Mao Mao and Badgerclops get themselves trapped in Green Jell-O and they get taken hostage by the Sky Pirates, Only Adorabat is left. This is the first time Adorabat had to fight the Sky Pirates all by herself and she feels especially helpless ar first since Mao Mao is not there to help her. The Sky Pirates threaten her to surrender and to surrender the Ruby Pure Heart or else she will never see her friends again, whether they will hold Mao Mao and Badgerclops hostage forever or kill them is unknown but both are terrifying. When Adorabat tries to rescue her friends, the Sky Pirates go after her. Adorabat is only a kid and 3 grown up pirates try to capture/kidnap or hurt/kill her as well.
  • "Scared of Puppets." Full stop. Mao Mao is terrorized by a creepy ventriloquist puppet named "Mr. Din Danalin" that Badgerclops impulse-buys from Gary. The source of this fear comes from an incident on his sixth birthday party where the doll's head springs off of its shoulders by accident and lands in his lap. The rest of the episode has Mao Mao tortured by visions of both Mr. Din Danalin and his own father taunting him over his fear. Made worse by Badgerclops actually taunting him as well. Even to the point where Mao Mao throws up.
    • Badgerclops brings in Mr. Din Danalin in a duffel bag as a CPR dummy (like it's in a bodybag) to an adult learning class Mao Mao is teaching at. Mao Mao's freak out is so intense that he knocks over a lamp and causes a table full of hairspray to explode, much to Pinky's delight.
    • Eventually Mr. Din Danalin and the rest of the puppets are burned in the sheriff department's furnace, but not before Badgerclops jokes about them coming back from the dead to enact their revenge. Everyone has a laugh but Mao Mao, who faints.
    Gary: I knew selling these weird hairless ape dummies would attract dark forces!
    • Near the end of the episode, Mao Mao has one last fear-induced hallucination just as he's finally about to admit he's scared: he finds himself surrounded by a circle of Mr. Din Danalins, who start taunting him about admitting it, before turning into a towering, eye-glowing Shin Mao. At this point, it becomes clear: Mao Mao having trouble admitting he's scared isn't just a matter of pride. Admitting he's scared would mean going against every belief his dad has pounded into him.
    Mr. Din Danalins: Nope, nope nope nope! Don't tell 'em you're scared! Heroes aren't afraid, boy! It's a silly toy, son! Don't show your weakness, boy!
  • “Adoradad” has a lot of examples of Adult Fear, Adorabat’s Dad Eugene hasn’t seen his daughter for a long time, he has to go to work for a long time so he can’t check up on her, he learns she is with strangers Mao Mao and Badgerclops, although they are not dangerous to her, he does not know that, and they go on adventures fighting monsters, Adorabat’s mom Sonara also went adventuring when Adorabat was younger and it seems she Sonara was killed by a Cave Dragon Monster and Adorabat lost her right leg to it. No wonder Eugene is worried for Adorabat’s life, safety and well-being. Later he finds a note in her room and he thinks that Adorabat went back to fight the Cave Dragon. He almost gets killed by it but Adorabat saves him.
  • “Zing Your Heart Out” has Adorabat being possessed by the Ruby Pure Heart into saying meanspirited things to the residents of Pure Heart Valley. During this possession, Adorabat’s eyes are purple as opposed to their usual color. Although it is at first used to fend off Chester, Adorabat’s possession gets progressively worse, even having her zings causing her to fire laser beams out of her mouth. To make matters even worse, after she overwhelms the Sweetiepies (save for Pinky), under the recommendation of the Ruby Pure Heart, Adorabat straight-up overthrows King Snugglemagne, taking his crown in the process. Then, during Mao Mao and Badgerclops’ battle against the possessed Adorabat, she seems to break out of it at first, but the Ruby Pure Heart has a second, even stronger round ready to go, so strong that it shatters the windows of the castle.
    • This is made worse by the fact that inside of Adorabat’s mind, her usual self is attached to several strings, hence the reason why she’s not in control of her body.
    • While all of the Sweetiepies are stunned from the emotional shock of being zinged, Pinky takes the liberty of ''pulling their teeth out of their mouths with pliers.'' After Mao Mao and Badgerclops leave for the castle, he lets out an evil laugh as he holds several teeth between his own teeth. Pinky was always an absolute gremlin, but this makes him come across as a full-blown serial killer.
  • "Strange Bedfellows" kicks the rivalry between Mao Mao and Orangusnake up from its normal Saturday morning cartoon energy to one where the two are legit trying to kill each other. Their clash puts them both in the hospital with fragile bones, still trying to fight each other while they continue to shatter their own bones into dust. Their fighting takes them outside the hospital where Mao Mao and Orangusnake nearly drown in cement. Mao Mao rescues himself and then Orangusnake from this fate by breaking every single bone in his own body and stopping the flow of cement as he flops around like a gelatinous ragdoll.

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