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Nightmare Fuel / The Consuming Shadow

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The symbol of "return" is associated with The Consuming Shadow

  • The monsters, combined with Nothing Is Scarier because you only see them as shadows. It is left to your imagination as to the full horror of their visage. Also, some of them have flies and spiders coming out of them, or puke out chunks while crawling on the ceiling, or are Silent Hill-esque combinations of flesh and mechanical objects.
  • As you get more insane, your objectives start changing...
    Objective: pain pain pain pain pain pain
    Objective: die die die die die die die
    Objective: it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts
  • In certain areas, when you finish up, all is well and good, but then the usual "Return to the car" objective appears for a split second, only to be replaced by:
    Objective: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
    Objective: GET OUT
    • Of the pursuers that mission objective signifies, by far the creepiest is the Overseer, a head that appears randomly on either side of the room and literally lunges across. If reaches you, he bites — and the protagonist wakes up a couple hours later missing a lot of health and sanity, and with no memory of how s/he got there.
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    • Another of the possible pursuers is the Fat Man, who somehow manages to invoke the Uncanny Valley despite being a mere silhouette. He looks like an ordinary overweight individual, but there's maybe something a little off about the way he walks, and then... then he laughs.
    • Last but most certainly not the least, out of all the unique hunter monsters, is... the Tall Man. He cannot be fought; he cannot be harmed; if he touches you, your health will drain at lightspeed. Even just having him in the same room causes sanity effects to occur regardless of how sane you actually are, making it that much harder to flee. Even his in-game notes fail to describe any method of escaping or defeating him, except for:
    Run. Do not look back.
  • Starting a new game. The protagonist gets a feeling of deja vu, as if he's done this before, for over a thousand times. And guess what? You retain experience across successive plays. Have fun!
    • One of the text messages The Ministry Man can get is from an Alternate Universe version of him, telling him that he's dead, and the PC!Ministry Man will share his fate. And that he's happy with not being alive.
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  • As pictured to the right, the suicide sequence that you can get if your sanity is especially low. It's pretty bad as is (just look at it!), but how you get it is also scary. The prompts you can click on randomly switch to "Kill myself", and do so more frequently as your sanity lowers. Imagine trying to click on "Investigate further" only for it to switch to "Kill myself" the moment you click and *BANG*! YOU DIED.
  • It's over, you cast the banishment ritual, it was correct, you won. And then, you face the attacking Ancient itself, who decided to take you with him.
    Objective: Die.
  • A minor case, bordering on Fridge Horror: as you get the Golden Ending as the Scholar for the first time, after you quit the end-of-game summary, static appears for a split second, and then you get to see the starting screen for the newly unlocked Ministry Man. His randomized opening narration may suggest the Scholar's dead or missing. Did you really defeat the Ancient or was that just delusions of a dying madman?

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