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Nightmare Fuel / Sausage Party

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A reason why you'll never eat hot dogs again.note 

Well, what were you expecting from a movie that takes the concept of Animate Inanimate Objects to its logical extreme? And stay out of this one, kids.

  • The entire scene of Camille Toh preparing her meal, in all its visceral glory, from the potato getting its skin peeled off, to the head of cabbage getting its eyes gouged out and ripped in two (which may or may not remind people of The Mountain and The Viper), to the nachos being microwaved with the grated remains of a block of cheese to Camille "eating FUCKING CHILDREN!" (read: baby carrots)! To sentient food, a simple Fourth Of July meal is mass genocide, and outside the already chilling context, this entire sequence is harrowingly reminiscent to the Eclipse from Berserk.
  • The parody of the Omaha Beach sequence in Saving Private Ryan. Let's just say they recreated it...a little too faithfully.
  • Carl's death at the hands of Camille Toh during the food massacre at the house. His death rattles and bulging, bloodshot eyes before his body splits from the torso up are UNNERVING. The face he makes during the whole thing also doesn't help. It also provides the page image.
    • The fact that even after he's sliced in half, he's somehow still alive, and just before he splits apart and falls to the ground dead, he emits the most unsettling gurgling, garbled speech. What's worse is that it starts the moment he's impaled from behind, which is before he's completely sliced in two.
    • "Baaaaaaaarry..."
  • The gruesome images Frank finds in the cookbook, especially the one of a sausage and a bun getting eaten, look like something out of a murder scene. The horrified expressions certainly don't help. Let's just say that Twink wasn't kidding that Frank would be fucked up for life once he saw that shit.
  • Peanut Butter mourning the death of his shattered jelly wife as he rubs her spilt jelly on his face like blood and cries "I'm gonna fix you!" It's as horrifying as it is hilarious (and even a little sad).
  • The Druggie's Foods encountering the Toilet Paper.
    Potato Chips: What did they do to you?
    Toilet Paper: (traumatized) You don't wanna fucking know...
    • In the same scene, there's something a little unnerving about the pizza slice who angrily berates the Druggie for eating his legs...
  • As bacon is cooked, one strip has his eye burst.
  • Barry comes across excrement with zombified corn stuck in it, then a used condom lamenting what he was used for.
  • Douche's evolution from a Laughably Evil villain to a Knight of Cerebus by drinking any other fluid-based food like some sort of vampire to replace the fluid he lost after being broken, flip-flopping between being disarming and animalistically insane. After he's completely Drunk with Power, he takes a big bite out of Frank's torso!.
  • Though it's more of a Moment of Awesome considering that the man attempted to cook him, Barry showing Frank the severed head of the Druggie, especially the way it just drops out of the air vent with little warning. It's more comical when Barry starts using the head to pretend to be the the Druggie.
  • The garbage can Darren tosses the expired foods into. To both the food and the audience, it's just this giant, infinite black pit of no return. Barry almost falls into it during the climax, and it's gut-wrenching.
  • After getting torn in half, Ticklish Licorice's insides wiggle on the floor in a very unnerving manner.
  • The entirety of the final battle from the humans' and the foods' perspective, is absolutely terrifying. Both sides are violently going after each other. In the end when the food wins, several people got Stuffed In A Fridge, two guys blew up, (with one being force-fed cola and Mentos, causing his head to explode) and god knows what else has happened.
  • The film in general becomes a lot more horrifying once you stop and take note of how precarious the foods' situation is shown to be before the truth about the humans is revealed. Expired foods are thrown into the garbage to rot, and simply falling out of a shopping cart can mean a gruesome death. They look forward to the "Great Beyond" mainly as a respite from all the trouble and turmoil that surrounds their day-to-day living; their entire existence is one fucked-up Cosmic Horror Story.
    • And the revelation at the end turns the cosmic horror story elements Up to Eleven. At the end, they discover that they're in a cartoon. All the horror of being sentient food in a world where humans will inevitably eat them is even worse when you realize, it's not because of some randomness in the universe, it's deliberate. All the suffering, pain, and death the characters go through, is because the movie's creators thought it was a funny premise for a film. In most cosmic horror stories, the omnipotent entities are indifferent to mortal beings, in this case, the omnipotent powers intentionally made the world as a nightmare for the protagonists because they find it funny.


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