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The Movie

  • The fact that the literal first word of this film is "SHIT". Just in case parents wandered into the theater thinking that this was a film for their kids.
    • And then the sausages proceed to throw in a hearty fistful of F-bombs to boot, so as to make sure that the parents in the audience know exactly what they just heard.
  • The opening song, "The Great Beyond", features so many line crossing moments that it's hard not to laugh. Many of the highlights include.
  • The childish way Frank says "Shut up, fuck you!" to Carl when he interrupts Frank's conversation with Brenda.
  • They're eating children! FUCKING CHILDREN!!
  • On paper, Darren's line "I hate this fucking job!" isn't that funny. But the way Paul Rudd reads it is hysterical.
    • The used condom Barry encounters is on a related note; while the scene is otherwise quite serious, the way the condom says "Sploooge!" is jarringly comedic.
  • This exchange:
    Darren: Clean up on aisle 2; this MILF dropped a douche.
    Camille: Oh, MILF! Thank you so much!
  • It turns out food isn't the only thing that's alive:
    Potato Chip Bag: What did he do to you?
    A Very Traumatised-Looking Roll of Toilet Paper: You don't wanna fucking know...
  • Hotdog buns have vaginas for mouths. Seriously.
    • Similarly, every Bag of Chips looks like an obese person.
  • Brenda sings when she's nervous.
  • Though it's a pretty gripping scene, some of Honey Mustard's lines in his pre-suicide speech are hilarious out of context.
  • Given that this is a send-up of films like Toy Story, holding hands is played out like losing your virginity — or rather, a "cheat" way of getting sexual without technically losing your virginity. Complete with the female character not being all that impressed by it.
    Brenda: It wasn't even that...I mean it was fine. It's not like anyone writes home and says "Oh God, I had the best tip".
  • This exchange after Carl tries to break the ice.
    Brenda: Who in this package would ever let Carl get up in them, huh?
    Brenda: Roberta, put your fucking hand down, you're ruining my joke.
    • There's also Carl's reaction after Frank laughs at the joke.
  • If you look closely at the jar of peanut butter, you'll notice that its label says "Butt Nutter".
  • Hell, MOST of the film (from the trailers thus far) can either be Crowning Moment of Funny or Nightmare Fuel for people due to its use of Black Comedy.
  • While what Douche did to the juice box (sucking the juice box's juice out of his crotch) is certainly NOT played for laughs, what Douche says to the juice box before he does that is mildly amusing:
    "If you FUCKING TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS...I'm gonna deny it, bro."
  • After the Druggie stops hallucinating (at least, he THINKS that he was hallucinating), Gum tells the foods that the Druggie bought from Shopwell that they are "completely fucked".
  • How does the food celebrate after killing all the humans in the store? With an epic orgy that's about as close to literal food porn as you can get.
  • Some moments from the food orgy are squicky as well as gut-bustingly funny. It also Makes Just as Much Sense in Context.
  • As Frank and Brenda break up and go their separate ways, "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" starts playing. Then the obvious pun cameo comes in.
  • When Sammy and Lavash are arguing over who should get the aisle they're sharing, Frank states that there's easily enough room for both of them so their bickering just seems pointless. Sammy and Lavash laugh out loud at this.
  • After The Reveal of exactly what happens to food once it goes to "The Great Beyond", the Arabic food second begins chanting "Allah!" while the Kosher second right next to it all start davening!note 
  • Although it's also a bit terrifying, there's Douche's line to Frank near the end:
    Douche: I sucked a juicy box's dick and I'm shoved up a god's asshole, and THIS is the weirdest thing I've done so far, bro! (bites into Frank's torso)
  • Throughout the film, Douche's use of casual food slang is constantly misinterpreted.
    Douche: Yoooo! Aw, fuck yeah, dude! Somebody call a doctor, cause honestly, this beat is sick!
    Beet: Actually, I feel great, real healthy.
    Douche: Not you!

    Douche: I'm gonna kick your ass! How do ya like them apples?
    Apple: Who, us?
    Douche: No, not you!

    Douche: What's up little juicy box? You're leakin' too, eh, bro? And right out of your fuckin' dingle. Fuckin' sucks, right?
    Juice Box: cold...
    Douche: (Notices his juice leaking) Woah...light bulb!
    Light Bulb: Yes?
    Douche: No, not fuckin' you, dummy!

    Douche: So where da FUCK are they? Spill the beans!
    Beans: Qué?
    Douche: Beans, I swear to fucking god if you don't shut up...

    Douche: Okay, so-!
    Queso: Did someone say queso?
    Douche: That's a fucking stretch, and you know it, Queso!

    Douche: Sausage! I relish the fact that you mustard the strength to ketchup to me! (Relish, Mustard and Ketchup cower in the corner) Yeah, that's right. Shut your mouths.
  • Firewater saying how his food was driven out of his aisle by in, literal crackers.
    Frank: Oh yeah, the crackers. They do have a nice aisle.
  • The events of the movie transpire because one guy got the wrong mustard.
  • Gum telling Barry to suck his "pink cock".
  • The depiction of the Great Beyond that Firewater, Twink, and Grits paint is pretty predictable, with food items cradled lovingly by humans and falling in love with each other. There's also a slice of bacon wearing a medal and a donut randomly being given ten dollars, which he gleefully waves in the air.
  • The, ahem, religeous nuts waving around signs that read "God hates figs!" Figs were a Trademark Favorite Food of the Old Testament antiquity Israel, and Jesus apparently really liked them too.



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