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Heartwarming / Sausage Party

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Yes believe it or not, Sausage Party, of all movies, has heartwarming moments.

  • When Brenda is asked by Frank why she jumped out of the cart after him instead of continue going into "The Great Beyond", she answers that there's simply no "Great Beyond" without him.
  • Carl trying to cheer Barry up after Frank falls out the cart.
  • Even during something like an orgy, Barry meeting Sally (the bun who was squished by Brenda earlier in the movie) and sharing a moment before joining in with the others on the "action" comes across as heartfelt.
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  • Frank and Carl's treatment of Barry. In general, they treat him like a little brother.
  • The fact that in a movie that prides itself on being as lewd and outrageous as possible, characters being gay and/or bisexual is a complete non-issue.
  • A pretty subtle, meta example: when Firewater admits that he wrote the "Great Beyond" song, he adds that the twinkie is his lyricist. Given that the film's composer is Alan Menken of Disney fame, the line is most likely a cute little nod to openly gay lyricist Howard Ashman, who collaborated with Alan Menken on several Disney projects before his death.
    • He also heaps praise on Twink's lyrics.
  • The two Middle-Eastern characters, (an lavash and a bagel, standing in for a Muslim and a Jew), falling in love. Really driven home by Lavash's wistful reply of "A ton" when asked how much Sammy stole from him (meaning, of course, that Sammy stole his heart).


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