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Tear Jerker / Sausage Party

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All spoilers below are unmarked, per wiki policy, so read on only at your own risk! You Have Been Warned.

  • When Frank learns the truth about the Great Beyond, he worriedly, almost hesitantly asks Firewater if Carl and Barry are dead. Firewater says that though he doesn't know who those two are, he's certain that if they did go out the supermarket doors, then they're most likely dead. Granted, Barry manages to return to Frank in one piece at the climax, but the look on Frank's face when he's told his two closest friends are most likely dead...
  • After barely escaping the food massacre at the hands of Camille Toh Barry is scared out of his mind as he runs through the streets, horrified by the carnage he had just seen, distraught and heartbroken about Carl's death, and remorseful that he couldn't save Frank when he had the chance due to being too scared to do anything at the time.
  • While also Nightmare Fuel, the broken jelly glass and the still alive Peanut Butter jar. Especially the way he reacts to the now dead Jelly by trying to fix her and is even seen rubbing jelly then later puts some on his face. It looks like a relative seeing a dead body after committing suicide by jumping complete with Jelly instead of blood.
    • Made worse by the fact that, when this scene was shown on Conan, the audience burst out laughing.
  • The poor baby carrots, especially when one of them cries out for his mom.
  • It's surprisingly easy to feel sorry for Douche after he gets thrown away and berates himself for failing to live up to his purpose, especially since up to that point, he's only been kind of obnoxious. Then he comes across the spilled grape juice box...
  • A literal one, but still genuinely sad, is Brenda turning down Teresa's feelings for her. Made worse by the fact that she fully reciprocates them, but holds back out of fear of bucking against the "gods". She even smears her makeup while wiping away a tear.