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Nightmare Fuel / 91 Days

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Day 1: The Night of the Murder

  • Just imagine being in young Avilio's position — it's his birthday. His father, Testa, has come home, and he and his younger brother Luce are hiding, waiting to surprise their dad. However, Vincent and two of his men arrive...with the intent to kill Testa. And after a brief fight, Testa is shot. Luce runs out to comfort his mother. And while Elena tries to get Vincent to spare her son, he simply ignores her pleas and executes both.

Day 2: Phantom of Falsehood

  • Fango using his girlfriend as a human shield against Avilio's assassination attempt.

Day 3: Where the Footfalls Lead

Day 4: Losing to Win, and What Comes After

Day 5: Blood Will have Blood

  • Frate's willingness to kill Nero if means having the Galassias as protectors for the Vanetti family.

Day 6: To Slaughter a Pig

  • Fango once again shows his craziness by killing Orco and putting his remains in the lasagna that he fed to Orco's men.
    • How did they know it was Orco's remains? One of them bit on one of his teeth.

Day 7: A Poor Player

  • Just the fact that Avilio expertly planned to have Nero kill his own younger brother, Frate. When Avilio said he would take revenge for his family, he meant business.

Day 8: Behind the Curtain

Day 11: All For Nothing

  • Throughout the episode, Avilio keeps seeing a black silhouette of Corteo appear in the distance during sudden moments. It’s unnerving to see how the recent events have been taking a toll on him.
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  • The way Del Toro takes out his would-be assassins is pretty brutal. The first guy who stabbed him gets his neck snapped by his bare hands and the second guy is stabbed in the throat with his own knife.
  • The way the usually cool and collected Barbero starts losing his temper in the interrogation with Avilio. He goes from talking normally to angrily yelling while torturing Avilio and calling him a Devil for making Nero lose his mind.
  • When Don Galassia is shot dead by Avilio, Strega tells his men to kill off all of the Vanettis and starts turning the opera house into a bloodbath of bullets and corpses.

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