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Nightmare Fuel / Joker (2019)

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Being an R-rated origin story about the most dangerous enemy the Dark Knight has had to face, it should come as no surprise that Joker has some gruesome moments.
  • When Arthur's psychiatrist asks him if he was better off at the psych ward, Smash Cut to Arthur banging his head against the door to his room in the psych ward.
  • When Arthur's boss tells him unless he brings back a sign he lost or he'll take it out of his paycheck, the boss's talking goes inaudible as Arthur sports a silent, creepy smile.
  • The Smash Cut to Arthur angrily stomping and kicking on garbage outside.
  • Arthur stalking Sophie after she dropped her daughter off at school.
  • The first people Arthur hunts down are the three WayneTech employees. While he killed the first two out of clear self-defense, he goes out of his way to pursue Ryan — even as he's running for his life — and shoots him dead in the subway, in total silence. And then, even that isn't enough: he then shoots the corpse multiple times out of cold hate.
    • Afterwards, the weight of the killings hits Arthur and he runs through the city in a panic, eventually finding refuge in some dirty bathroom. Instead of curling up and crying or even trying to rationalize his actions, Arthur just starts dancing in slow motion while some eerie music plays.
  • When Arthur visits Arkham Asylum hoping to find any records regarding his mother. The clerk comes up with a file detailing how Penny Fleck was found guilty of child endangerment. When the clerk is reading this, he has this sudden realisation that the child in question is in fact all grown up and standing right in front of him. Not helping is the fact that Arthur was acting even more erratic than usual.
    Arthur: Last time I ended up taking it out on some people. I thought it was gonna bother me, but it really hasn't.
    Clerk: What's that?
    Arthur: I fucked up! I did some bad shit! (chuckles)
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  • At his wits' end, Arthur decides to kill his own mother. What makes it especially horrifying is how he doesn't react in the slightest while he smothers her to death.
    Arthur: I used to think life was a tragedy. But now I's a fucking comedy.
  • With the reveal that he imagined their entire relationship, Arthur coming into her apartment unannounced is this to Sophie and the audience. She's a single mother who has just put her young child to bed, only to find a man she's only spoken to once silently sitting in her living room, having broken in without her noticing. All she can do is calmly try to ask him to leave only for him to gesture shooting himself in the head, clearly terrifying her.
  • Arthur killing Randall is easily the most brutal and violent scene in the whole film, and that’s saying something for very good reasons; he jams a pair of scissors into his jugular vein, then his eye, then proceeds to slam his head against the wall until the blunt force trauma kills him, all while Gary is wailing for him to stop. At least the Wall Street three and maybe Penny could be seen as an Asshole Victim. Randall, however, clearly, comes nowhere near as terrible as them and did not deserve this death. This is when Arthur’s clearly going off the deep end.
    • It certainly doesn't help the fact that at that moment, Arthur had his face painted white (looking near-identical to the Joker in the comics) while he had some blood on his face (pictured). It verges on Uncanny Valley and it's something you would probably see in a nightmare.
    • Immediately following this is Gary trying to escape the apartment, being forced to cross Arthur and Randall's corpse, but being unable to reach the lock, with his only course of action being to ask Arthur for help. The scene is hilarious in an especially horrible way, but it's still terrifyingly intense as Arthur has just become so unpredictable that him also murdering the completely innocent Gary is presented as a real possibility (though fortunately, he's spared).
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  • Once he gets to the Murray Franklin show, Arthur stays backstage and silently smokes a cigarette while Murray once more plays Arthur's disastrous stand-up routine to the audience. His gaze is burning, and the audience is left with a deep unease as the wheels silently turn in Arthur's head.
  • Murray Franklin's death. After Joker rather gleefully admits to the three Wall Street murders, Murray rips him a new one, stating that not everyone is a horrible person and that his actions were utterly unjustified even if that were the case. Joker just laughs and says "I know", then telling a final joke despite Murray's protests — slowly raising his voice until he is resorted to tearfully screaming at him, and the moment he finishes...Boom, Headshot!
    Joker: What do you get...when you cross a mentally ill loner, with a SOCIETY, that ABANDONS HIM AND TREATS HIM LIKE TRASH?! I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU GET! YOU GET WHAT YOU FUCKIN' DESERVE!
  • The very chilling shot of Arthur finally seeing that the citizens of Gotham do not care for him, but for the persona he accidentally created. His response? Painting a smile on his face with his blood, all while relishing through tears his rebirth as Joker.
  • The final scene at Arkham is an Ambiguous Ending at best, though one of the most disturbing factors would have to be Arthur's demeanor throughout it. Arthur is laughing his ass off at a "joke" he never tells - and this is a genuine Evil Laugh as opposed to the neurological 'laugh' he lets out throughout the film. His voice drips with joyous malice that Arthur never expresses in any other scene. One of the few solid facts given by this scene is that there is nothing left of Arthur Fleck. As far as he was concerned, Arthur never existed as he wasn't recognized. In his place, there now only exists the making of a violent, sadistic, and thoroughly evil Monster Clown who finds mass homicide to be mere comedy in his eyes, with not even a shred of ethical goodwill left. There now only exists The Joker.


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