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"I just hope my death makes more centsnote  than my life."
"The worst part about having a mental illness is that people expect you to behave as if you don't."
Selected passages from Arthur's journal

"You never listen, do you? You just ask the same questions every week. "How's your job?" "Are you having any negative thoughts?" All I have are negative thoughts."
Arthur Fleck

"For my whole life, I didn’t know if I even really existed. But I do. And people - are starting - to notice."
Arthur Fleck

"What kind of coward would do something that cold-blooded? Someone who hides behind a mask."
Thomas Wayne

"I know it seems strange, I don't mean to make you uncomfortable, I don't know why everyone is so rude, I don't know why you are; I don't want anything from you. Maybe a little warmth, maybe a hug, Dad, how about just a lil' bit of fucking decency?! What is it with you people?! You say that stuff about my mother?!"
Arthur to Thomas Wayne, confronting him about his perceived parentage

"And finally, in a world where everyone thinks they could do my job, here's a guy who thinks if you just keep laughing, it'll somehow make you funny. Check out this joker."
Murray Franklin, commenting on Arthur's failed stand-up set.

Arthur: It's funny. When I was a little boy and told people I was gonna be a comedian, everyone laughed at me. Well, no-one's laughing now!
Murray: You can say that again, pal!

"I used to think my life was a tragedy. But now I realize... It's a fucking comedy."
Arthur Fleck/Joker

Arthur: Hi. What's your name?
Bruce Wayne: I'm Bruce.
Arthur: Bruce... I'm Arthur.

Joker: Knock knock.
Murray: Who's there?
Joker: It's the police, ma'am! Your son's been hit by a drunk driver. He's dead!

Sophie: Your name's Arthur, right? You live down the hall. I really need you to leave, my little girl's sleeping in the other room. Please...
Arthur: ...I had a bad day.

Joker: It's been a rough few weeks Murray, ever since I... killed those three Wall Street guys.
Murray: Okay. I'm waiting for the punchline.
Joker: There is no punchline. It's not a joke.

Murray: Okay, I- I think I might understand it. You... did this to start a movement? To become a-a symbol?
Joker: Come on, Murray. Do I look like the kind of clown that could start a movement? I killed those guys because they were awful. Everybody is awful these days. It's enough to make anyone crazy.
Murray: Okay. So that's it, you're crazy. That's your defense for killing three young men?
Joker: No. They couldn't carry a tune to save their lives.
[The crowd boos and jeers]
Joker: Oh, why is everybody so upset about these guys?! If it was me dying on the side-walk, you'd walk right over me! I pass you every day, and you don't notice me! But these guys — what, because Thomas Wayne went and cried about them on TV?!
Murray: You have a problem with Thomas Wayne, too?
Joker: Yes, I do. Have you seen what it's like out there, Mur-raaay? Do you ever actually leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody's civil anymore! Nobody thinks what it's like to be the other guy. You think men like Thomas Wayne ever think what it's like to be someone like me? To be somebody but themselves? They don't. They think we'll all just sit there and take it like good little boys! That we won't werewolf and go wild!
Murray: You finished? So much self-pity, Arthur. You sound like you're making excuses for killing those three young men. Y'know, not everybody — and I'll tell you this, not everyone is awful.
Joker: ...You're awful, Murray.
Murray: Me? I'm awful? Oh, yeah, how am I awful?
Joker: Playing my video. Inviting me on the show. You just wanted to make fun of me. You're just like the rest of 'em!
Murray: You don't know the first thing about me, pal. Look what happened because of what you did. What it led to. There are riots out there. Two policemen are in critical condition[Joker begins to laugh] And you're laughing. You're laughing. Someone was KILLED today because of what you did.
Joker: I know! [beat] How 'bout another joke, Mur-raaay?
Murray: No, no, I think we've had enough of your jokes!
Joker: What do you get —
Murray: I don't think so.
Joker: — when you cross —
Murray: I think we're done here now, that's it.
Joker: — a mentally ill loner, with a SOCIETY, that ABANDONS him, AND TREATS HIM LIKE TRASH?!
Murray: Call the police, Gene, call the police.
[Joker whips out his gun and shoots Murray in the head.]

"Good night. And always remember... That's life!" (belts out an Evil Laugh before a guard pounces on him)
Joker, aping Murray Franklin's Catchphrase.

Cop: The whole fucking city's on fire because of what you did.
Joker: I know. Isn't it beautiful?

"Hey, Wayne! You get what you fucking deserve."
A Clown/Rioter, possibly Joe Chill

[The Joker lets loose a full-blown Evil Laugh while talking to his psychiatrist in Arkham State Hospital]
Psychiatrist: What's so funny?
Joker: ...I was just thinking of a joke.
[Scene cuts to little Bruce, standing in horrified shock at the corpses of his parents.]
Psychiatrist: You wanna tell it to me?
Joker: You wouldn't get it.

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