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Nightmare Fuel / Hulk

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Puny human.
  • Just the film's surrealistic style itself results in plenty of nightmarish imagery, such as Bruce violently playing with a dinosaur toy as an infant and Betty dreaming of herself as a child witnessing a gamma radiation explosion.
  • Danny Elfman's overall score is quite chilling and psychologically intense, very much unlike his other works.
  • Hulk himself is pretty scary in this film; the roars and growls he makes practically sound demonic.
  • The Gamma Dogs and their attack on Betty qualifies, just with how ferocious they are combined with how twisted they look in their mutated state.
  • Hulk riding a jet up into the atmosphere until he begins to freeze, along with the scream of the pilot, is extremely unsettling. While the idea of the scene on its own doesn't sound so bad, the way the movie executes it very much is.
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  • The part when David first gets his absorbing abilities and transforms into the Absorbing Man is rather...creepy, to say the least.
  • David biting into the electrical cord and turning himself into electricity itself can be viewed as either this or Narm. Especially the closeup of Lightning!Absorbing Man's face.
    • Rock!Absorbing Man. His echoing Big "YES!" while giving Hulk an Energy Absorption bearhug is just eerie.
    • Water!Absorbing Man is probably the creepiest of all. After Hulk throws Rock!Absorbing Man into the lake, Hulk suddenly sees a reflection of David and slaps it... and a humanoid tidal wave Jump Scares out and pulls Hulk under. After that, he subjects Hulk to a Mind Screw sequence that leads to Hulk and Bruce collectively deciding to invoke Going to Give It More Energy... and Absorbing Man's resulting Power Incontinence causes him to become what looks like a watery version of the image on the Eldritch Abomination page.
      David: (Inside Bruce's mind) Sleep now, Bruce, and forget forever. Struggle no more and give me all of your power.
      Bruce: You think you can live with it? Take it!
      Hulk: TAKE IT AAAAAALLL!!!
      David: (begins to swell like a balloon) Take it back!! I-It's not... stopping! TAAAKE IIIT BAAAACK!!! (lets out a roar of pain and anger)
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  • The graphical exploding frog scene is particularly disturbing. It could counts as Squick too.


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