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Hulk takes place in the same universe as Logan.
Both films are based on Marvel Comics and are very angsty. While Hulk takes place in the 2000s where chaos had began while in Logan, hatred against extraordinary people increased by 2029.

David Banner is the modern Avatar after experimentation.
David Banner can become a bender on everything he touches.

Talbot's corpse was recovered by General Ross' team.
Ross' team did not want to leave Talbot to death. They took his corpse and scattered his ashes.
  • Or, Talbot was transformed into the Abomination, which would have happened in the sequel.

Betty's dream was more than just a dream, but a repressed memory.
The soldier watching over young Betty Ross does something to her. A sequel (second or third) to the film would have revealed what that was. The soldier worked for the Leader (who would have been the main villain in
Hulk 2) who experimented on her. She would have becomes Harpy or the Red She-Hulk. The Leader erased her memory of that and made her believe it was a dream. The reason Betty thought it was Bruce was because the Leader was aware David Banner passed the gamma gene onto young Bruce.

The Gamma Dogs inexplicably survived.
Hulk just punched all the gamma out of them while they themselves come out fine. Helping this is that they burst with gamma radiation upon each one's defeat, and the seemingly Bloodless Carnage.

The teenage girl in the deleted scene is Angela Lipscombe from the comics.

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