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Nightmare Fuel / Freedom Planet

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  • Everything about Lord Brevon, the main villain of the game. While Freedom Planet is a generally lighthearted and fun game, he himself is considered a truly horrific villain.
    • He opens the game by laying siege to the Shuigang Palace, cutting down all in his path with his green liquid-covered knife along the way to the throne, then beheading the King of Shuigang in front of his son, and then brainwashing that son into his own loyal puppet. And Dail's screams as he brainwashes him through Syntax make it all the more unnerving.
      Brevon: (brandishing his knife) My turn.
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    • And that doesn't even stop there; Brevon then uses his influence over Shuigang to increase tensions between the Three Kingdoms of Avalice and provoke an energy crisis in Shang Mu, eventually leading to him obtaining the Kingdom Stone. And if that's not enough, we even see him coldly executing several Rogue Warriors who have come to stop him.
    • After Brevon captures Lilac when she attempted to rescue Torque and the Kingdom Stone, he proceeds to mercilessly torture her, through a combination of wounds (including cutting off her Prehensile Hair), Electric Torture, and Break Her By Talking; the electric torture and effects of the wounds are seen on-screen. When Carol and Milla arrive to get her out of his base, he shows up, cutting off their escape, and attempts to have his Shade Troopers kill them.
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    • His worst actions come when the girls invade his ship as it prepares to fly into space. Brevon's initial tactics include opening the airlocks, turning off the atmosphere of his ship, and forcing his own loyal general Serpentine into a painful transformation to better fight you.
    • When you finally get to the core of the Dreadnought, just when your character is about to recover the Kingdom Stone, Brevon shows up, holding Milla hostage at knife-point threatening to kill her, forcing you to remove the device and turn the power to the Dreadnought back on and then throw it to him. After he leaves, he uses the same transformation he forced Serpentine into earlier to turn Milla into an unnerving, Faceless Eyed monster with a scorpion-like tail that it shoots different kinds of stuff from, forcing you to fight against her. What makes it creepier is what Brevon tells you, after Milla turns into a monster, in dialogue that was removed from the game; trying to throw you out of focus with suggestions that Milla is angry with the world for abandoning her, and feels the same about you for dragging her into this whole mess.
      Brevon: Muhahahahah... I bet she doesn't like you very much now! (to Milla) Go on, then. Show your friends just how angry you are!
      • It's also interesting to note that as you battle both of the mutated bosses listed above, parts of their faces get ripped off as they take further damage. In Serpentine's case, his eyeballs pop out as the upper part of his face breaks, and for Milla, one of her eyes breaks apart, revealing her brain inside.
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    • Brevon breaking out of his severely-damaged Mech Armor and glaring at your character in a fit of seething rage as a lead-in to the third and final phase of the fight against him (or not if you're playing as Milla) is either this or, judging from the confidence he still retains that he will win even in the face of what becomes clear will of course be the victor instead, a Moment of Awesome.
      Brevon: (in response to the chosen character's resolve) I'd like to see you try.
    • His actions in Milla's story are just as bad, if not worse. Brevon ambushes Carol out of nowhere and knocks her into a coma, tries to make Milla despair using a Break Them by Talking method through words concerning what happened between him and Lilac, and, after Milla manages to severely damage both the Absolution and his Mech Armor, snaps, grabs her by the throat, and attempts to strangle her to death in a murderous fit of rage. Thank goodness Lilac managed to stop him from doing so, but even then, the fact that Brevon actually attempted to kill Milla in her story is still considered one of the most chilling moments in an otherwise lighthearted and fun Indie video game.
      Brevon: Rrrgh! You've pestered me long enough! (grabs Milla by the throat) Say goodbye!
  • The dragon boss in Pangu Lagoon is a huge Background Boss. It's so big that you can only see its eyes and claws consistently, and those take up half the screen.
  • Being defeated during the final phase of the final boss will result in Brevon continuously attacking the player's corpse until it explodes, if the killing blow didn't do it in the first place. Brevon really wants to be sure you're dead.
    • And after he deals the final blow, he laughs at you.
  • If you thought the infamous drowning music from the Sonic series was frightening? Try the "music" that plays when you are about to drown — or suffocate in Final Dreadnought 2 — which manages to be just as, if not even more unnerving. It sounds like a deep clock chime that starts getting louder as the level music slowly stops. Then once it happens, you actually see your character choking and visibly inhaling a lungful of water.
  • For anyone who is scared of bees, Pangu Lagoon is an absolute nightmare. Underneath the temple that most of the second act is composed of is a pit filled to the brim with bees. If Lilac happens to fall in, she will be bombarded with bees that can take out large chunks of her health.


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