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  • Cut Song: Aside from several early demos, the official soundtrack also has some material that went unused. Relic Maze has a third variation, a theme for a stage that never made it into production called Rage Ravine, Trap Hideout had second act music (the composer has expressed regret this one didn't make the cut), a theme for Zao's Airship, and a somber, slower version of the main theme.
  • Doing It for the Art:
    • Elements like the Blooper Reel Easter Eggs are definitely this. Not only did the devs see fit to include some voice acting bloopers, but they also animated them and even made a few custom sprites. All for something that can only be seen with a special button combination.
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    • The Fortune Night stage is also made of this. Lots of extremely detailed scenery depicting period Chinese New Year celebrations with streamers, dragon floats, the distinctive Chinese fireworks, and paper crafts. The second half has a sprawling market where you can see signs in accurate Chinese and Japanese scripts that are perfectly readable, advertising things you'd find in any mall such as bike shops, clothing stores, food, and bathrooms. If you go into the male restroom you'll instantly be kicked out. Hell, if you go and press down on a bench, the character will do so, and if you wait a few seconds at the disco ball, the character even has unique dancing sprites! All these details, in a stage most players usually blaze through without a second thought.
  • Dummied Out:
    • There was a cutscene early in the game where Carol and Milla would be clearly established as Vitriolic Best Friends. The scene was cut, yet Lilac would still comment on it halfway through the game with the line "You both like something? Is this the end of the world?" As of Update 1.20.6, Lilac's line is also Dummied Out.
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    • The scene where Carol and Lilac talk about her dragon ancestry to Torque was cut, as Strife felt it took away from the impact of the Pangu Lagoon cutscene and made less sense for her to be surprised about something she would've already suspected.
    • When the girls are at the treehouse, there would've been a discussion about the characters' families with Lilac appreciating her friends, Carol mentioning that she and her sister haven't talked in a while, and Milla wanting to find her parents.
    • There's also several lines that put together show there would've been some quick cutscenes between stages, most notably Brevon would've made an Ironic Echo to Lilac putting her friends in danger as he infects Milla.
  • Fake American: Milla's voice actress, Aimee Smith, is Australian.
  • Fan Nickname: Some fans jokingly call Freedom Planet "The Best Sonic Game of 2014".
    • Fans call Milla's Phantom Blocks "Murder Cubes".
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  • Orphaned Reference: In the original version of the game's script, Carol and Milla didn't get along, and later Lilac commended them for agreeing on something for once. While the relationship has been revised to be more cordial, Lilac's comment remained in the game, making no sense at all. A later patch removed this line as well.
  • Throw It In!: By Word of God, the name of the series was a result of this. When pressed for what to call the game they'd nearly finished, Strife said whatever two words came out of his mouth next would be the name they stuck with. The protagonists are fighting against a conquering alien, "freedom", and for the sake of their home, "planet", thus, Freedom Planet. The similarity to the Sonic OVA's setting of Planet Freedom was unintentional, they simply thought the title sounded catchy.
  • Troubled Production: The Torque and Spade campaigns have had numerous issues, such as engine compatibility problems, the developers not feeling the characters gelled very well with the pre-established levels, among other issues. In February 2017, it was confirmed that they were postponed until development on 2 was finished.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • This was meant to be a Sonic the Hedgehog fan game, hence why the characters and stages have similar characteristics. Even the three main characters were originally Sonic fan characters. The developer changed his mind halfway through and decided to make it an original title that harkened back to a retro style of gaming.
    • ZiyoLing initially created Lilac as a hedgehog, but her design went through several iterations and eventually became a water dragon. This design can be seen in early gameplay footage.
    • A development log of the game from its infancy in 2011 is archived at the SoaH City Forums. Most of the images and development videos are lost or taken down, unfortunately. Some interesting details include:
      • Freedom Planet wasn't that much of a Sonic fan game to begin with. Hedgehog!Lilac and a few mechanics such as the Ring system to rub out aside, it was already meant to have an original cast, a unique setting, and most of Lilac's mechanics were in place. Of course, Strife was nevertheless very concerned about how people would perceive the game in comparison to Sonic.
      • The length of the game was first mentioned to be just 5 stages long. The card collectibles were stated to unlock information about the game's setting, but in the final version, they just unlock artwork and the Sound Test.
      • Very early on, Strife considered making a Super Mode for Lilac that would've granted increased speed and an infinite special gauge, but no invincibility.
      • At first, Strife was hesitant to put much focus on story and dialogue. We ended up with voice-acted cutscenes.
    • Originally, Lilac's treehouse and many similar areas where the cast spends considerable time in cutscenes were intended as hub levels with shops, missions, and NPC dialogue. Strife nixed the idea early on, feeling that it would drastically slow the pace of the game, and featuring them in the story segments was enough time to show off the extra graphical detail without going to waste.
    • There was originally going to be an option to change the color of the clothing worn by the playable characters, but it was Dummied Out for causing graphical glitches. You can still access the feature by fiddling with your save file.
    • There were plans for a comic and web series to tie into the game, but the developers underestimated the costs for it and focused on the game instead.
    • During early character creation, Lilac would've sported a mini-skirt rather than the more traditional garb she wears.
    • Very early idea sketches found on Sonic Retro imply that several characters would've mistaken Lilac for a princess; it's unknown if this implied anything about her dragon ancestors or it was just meant to be a coincidence. In addition, there's a primitive sprite floating around of a male dragon, looking like he could've been Lilac's father.
    • Originally, the already Bittersweet Ending of the game would have been worse. If it seems as though Milla was originally going to be Killed Off for Real, that's because it was. Lilac also has a line where she wonders if what Brevon said about his home planet was true, adding just a touch of ambiguity. When Milla was made a playable character with Kickstarter funding, the ending was changed as Strife felt that it would have made it a Downer Ending, with Brevon already escaping. Unused lines even have him laughing about his escape on his ship, showing that he indeed survived.
    • Torque and Spade were planned to be playable characters (there's even a Dummied Out Torque that can be playable with some fiddling with the game files), but Strife has since nixed the idea due to the sheer amount of extra work required that they'd rather go into the sequel.
      • To better elaborate on this; Clickteam Fusion (or as it was known at the time, Multimedia Fusion 2) is, well, a relic as far as game engines go, with arguably outdated systems and editors, and with limited ability to be extended compared to its more modern contemporaries, hence why the sequel went with Unity instead. It's been implied that the two extra characters and their story campaigns would be an overwhelming amount of effort in such an outdated workflow. Strife has floated the idea of porting Torque and Spade's campaigns to the Freedom Planet 2 framework in Unity, as well, though there's been no indication since of whether that will happen.


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