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Warning: Possible Unmarked Spoilers Ahead!

The Kingdom Stone will power up the heroines at some point in the game, probably the finale.
This is a game that borrows from Sonic, and while most of the Sonic elements are being trimmed out as development progresses, there is one in particular that simply must stay, for the mere reason of being cool: The Mineral Macguffin powering up the hero for the final battle. Just as Sonic can turn into Super Sonic thanks to the Chaos Emeralds, the heroines of Freedom Planet could become Super Lilac, Super Carol, and Super Milla thanks to the Kingdom Stone when the time comes to fight Lord Brevon. A bit of wishful thinking is mixed with the guessing, but let's face it, it would be awesome if it happened, right?
  • Jossed. The final battle is a straight-up fight between you and Brevon. Also, the Kingdom Stone gets destroyed afterward, although the energy within it is not lost, merely transformed into another form. And also freeing Merga, the main antagonist of Freedom Planet 2, which will take place 2 years in-universe from now.

Gong has a history with Lilac and Carol from when they were Red Scarves
He certainly seems familiar with them even before officially giving them the mission to go to Shang Tu. It's possible that, when Lilac and Carol were still Red Scarves, Gong served as a Hero Antagonist to them. It's also possible that he was present, and possibly even helped cause, their defection from the Scarves. This could also explain why he's so chummy with Carol, Milla, and Torque after Thermal Base despite Neera's accusations; he has first-hand knowledge of the girls' good hearts and trusts them over Neera. And before Battle Glacier, he wonders if Lilac and her friends can successfully distract most of Brevon's forces during their attack, to which Carol smugly hints at the times they distracted him in the past.

The Magister is either the dragon scientist from the hologram or related to him and/or Lilac

Same voice actor, always hidden by his costume, which has horns. Most likely reveal saved for a possible sequel. The only thing that keeps me being 100% sure is that he has the same eye color as Lilac, which I suppose could be an indicator of relation to her.

  • Good news, a sequel has been announced and is set to be released in 2018(formerly 2017). so maybe at some point, the Royal Magister will take off his headgear and reveal himself.

Carol's name…

…is actually Carol T... What it actually means, she hasn't confided to anyone, so "Tea" ended up being what her second name is regarded as. I mean, what kind of last name is that? It just doesn't seem to fit Carol's personality.

  • According to Carol's bio on the official Freedom Planet 2 website (which is here: ), her last name is indeed Tea. I think it's what her original creator, Ziyo Ling chose as her last name. It's been canon since forever, So I doubt they'll change it now. I think Neera even stated her and Lilac's full names in a cutscene in the Shang Tu Palace in Freedom Planet. I'd have to replay it to confirm.
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  • Neera indeed mentioned their full names.

Carol's name 2
Following the above WMG, it's possible that Carol's full name is Carol The Wildcat. She introduces herself to Torque as such, which would make her abbreviated name be Carol T. Wildcat.
  • Well, if her Freedom Planet 2 gameplay trailer and sample Demo are anything to go by...(yes, she has Carol the Wildcat in both of them)
  • Carol the Wildcat is her title, with Carol Tea being her full name. As far as I know, Ziyo just called her Carol the Wildcat, it must have been Strife himself who added the surname Tea.

Torque might've been a little biased in his accusations of Brevon and might not be all that we think he is.

Original discussion here.

I mean, was Brevon really after the Kingdom Stone from the get-go? Or did it just become necessary to use it to get his shot-down ship back to work? I can still remember one of the original descriptions, long before the story was final, which stated that Brevon intended to use the planet's life energy to repair his broken, stranded ship.

During Brevon's torture of Lilac (physical) and Torque (psychological), Brevon stated that he wouldn't have needed the Stone if his ship weren't shot down and Lilac and her friends didn't decimate his troops. The only one stating Brevon was after the Kingdom Stone from the get-go was Torque. And let's face it, he is a complete stranger to us. A seemingly nice and forthcoming stranger, but still a stranger.

In the end, it's two sides of a story; Torque's and Brevon's. Which one of them speaks the truth? Is the truth somewhere in-between or is the truth something else entirely? This should give you an idea, that we actually know nothing about the conflict between Brevon and the Chasers.

Think about it. In the intro, we see him raiding Shuigang palace and the lot. But then when we start a new game, we see the Dreadnought crash-landing on the planet, with Brevon furious. Now, what is that all about?

Well, I think the latter scene happened AFTER the intro-scene.

Brevon's original plan might have been just to conquer Shuigang, in order to spread his rule across the planet and then leave. The Kingdom Stone never was his main interest.

But then Torque and the other Chasers came, caught Brevon by surprise as he was on his way back into the depths of space, and shot down his ship. That's when Brevon was forced to improvise.

So he used his newly brainwashed King Dail to get rid of the Chasers, the main threat to him at this point, and at the same time, find material to repair his ship. Of course, he would eventually learn of the existence of the Kingdom Stone. He couldn't resist getting the perfect material to get his ship back to work.

And when Lilac and her friends got into the picture and decimated his troops, it became more and more crucial to get the Kingdom Stone.

So yeah, in a way, it really was the heroes' fault for making Brevon the danger he became in the end.

Before you jump to any conclusions, I'm not giving Brevon the Leather Pants treatment; there is no doubt he is a ruthless warlord. After all, aside from the above crimes, he also turned the innocent Milla into a monster when he literally has no tactical reason to.

But we only know the rest of his evil deeds (his multi-planet conquering, and doing it "all for the sake of 'his" homeworld) from Torque. Was that the entire truth, or was part of it a "sob story" to spur on Team Lilac on stopping Brevon?

The reason the two next-to-final bosses were what they were was because of something they had on them.

When you fight Serpentine in Final Dreadnought, he's battered and broken and turned into a monster shortly after you find him. According to the Freedom Planet site, Brevon gave him his mechanical arms, which then corrupted his thinking and made him fanatically loyal to Brevon. Who's to say that these robotic arms didn't also have a 'red button' in case Serpentine was too weak to fight?

And shortly afterward, your player character attempts to shut down the Dreadnought, but Brevon shows up with Milla at knifepoint, and he nicks at the neck once, forcing them to take out the shutdown program before he disappears off-screen. Apparently, that nick was all it took for Milla to transform, but perhaps there's something else at play —- specifically, Milla's bracelets.

Without a proper adventure mode for Milla, it's hard to say much about their significance to Milla, but they're certainly not quite natural. Milla has orange and green bracelets on her arms and feet, and her gameplay powers involve creating blocks out of Hammerspace, a reflector shield, and a stronger shield/beam attack. The main thing is that all of these attacks are green, and the orange bracelets themselves don't appear to be used in gameplay or story. However, like Serpentine's arms, perhaps these orange bracelets are an emergency measure that Milla is unaware of or doesn't know how to use, and she was turned into a monster because of that emergency measure.

Morals aside, consider how useful it'd be to have soldiers that can transform into super-powered robots at your disposal. And yet, only Serpentine and Milla have been subjected to this transformation. It's hard to imagine someone like Brevon would be sitting on the ability to transform his army, so either it's an extremely limited power, or it was only possible with these two specifically.

Milla has some connection to the Kingdom Stone.

We know nothing about Milla except that she's lost her parents, has psychic-like powers, and was hanging around in the secure chamber the Kingdom Stone was kept — far underground.

In the prolog and epilog to the game, it's explained that the reason the Kingdom Stone had been providing less power was that it had been in the process of transforming itself. Could Milla be one of the results of that transformation? It would explain how she ended up where she was, as well as the source of her strange powers, which are seemingly unique.

This doesn't answer any questions about her parentage, however. Perhaps her parents were some of the original aliens who came to Avalice in the distant past? If she were an alien, that might help explain the form she takes later on.

It's worth noting that the music for when you're forced to fight Milla is the same as when Lilac fights the Dragon in Pangu Lagoon.

  • You're missing some points there. Brevon is the one who injected Milla with the alien DNA somewhere in the Dreadnought like he did with Serpentine earlier on. And Milla is really a basset hound/hush basset herself, not an alien. So her parents might be a basset hound & a cocker spaniel.

There is another antagonist who's been in the game the whole time without our knowledge.

Her name is Xilaxia, and she is a powerful shape-shifting alien. She was summoned by Lord Brevon to aid him in his galactic conquests. She provides reconnaissance work for Brevon by masquerading as a normal bystander/animal and watching the heroes' actions. When Milla escaped from Shang Tu's prison, Xilaxia brutally murdered her and took her place for the rest of the game. She now schemes to somehow harness the power of the Kingdom Stone and conquer Avalice herself. And Lilac and Carol will not know the truth until it's too late.

  • This is Jossed for Milla, where Neera Li imprisons her in Milla's Adventure Mode and takes her back to prison. The next stage takes place before Milla met Lilac & Carol.

Merga might be Lilac's mother.

Considering that she's a water dragon from ancient times...this is sort of likely to happen.

  • Scratch that; it's Jossed. They don't have parental relations to each other, but they're both water dragons.

Alternatively...Merga won't be the Final Boss of Freedom Planet 2.
I mean, sure, a bio-engineered water dragon that is clearly an Evil Counterpart to Sash Lilac, but what if she isn't fought as the last boss, and instead somebody else taking the position of it?

Freedom Planet 2 will be set on multiple planets. Or Freedom Planet 3.
Each of them will be a Planet of Hats themed on some part of Earth from a past era, only in a Punk Punk style similar to Avalice's China theme. After all, the China theme is going to get stale before long. But Avalice will still have at least one stage. Personally, I think it'd be pretty neat if there was an Arabiapunk desert planet, a Tikipunk water planet, a Swahilipunk jungle or savannah planet, an Iroquoispunk forest planet, an Inuitpunk ice planet, and so forth. A lot of possibilities here. Maybe if not in the second game, perhaps a third game, called simply Freedom Planets?
  • I don't know what to say about this, I think the second game is more aimed at Philippine culture, so perhaps a third game is the best bet.
  • It's most likely that the second half of the game has stages taking place on the island Parusa.
  • Completely Jossed. From everything we got so far, the first half of Freedom Planet 2 will have revisits to the three kingdoms wheras the second half will be all about the Southern Islands/the island Parusa.

Aqua Tunnel will also return in Freedom Planet 2
Instead of being a first level, it would reappear in the late game with connections to Milla's unknown past.
  • Jossed. While Aqua Tunnel itself won't appear, there's that one stage icon that shows a similar environment.

Mayor Zao will be a Secret Character in Freedom Planet 2.
Worried about his chance of reelection, he'll decide that saving the planet will do the trick. His hitbox will be half the size of the other characters. His unlocking will be accompanied with a "+5th Playable Character".
  • I consider it completely Jossed. While there's no direct evidence against it, data mining the demo versions (that give insight into the progress at that time) didn't have any evidence for this either.


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