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Tear Jerker / Freedom Planet

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  • Carol snaps at Lilac after being asked to help rescue Torque again and goes her own way for a bit, the exchange frightening Milla. This comes back to bite her later when she sees how badly injured Lilac was after Brevon tortured her, resulting in a very tearful apology at their reunion.
    • And there's also the point where Lilac is arrested by Neera after her torture, where she's in a flat-out panic attack of a Heroic BSoD out of fear that they'd only make things worse given their adversity. It's one of the few times her Genki Girl mindset completely gives way.
  • Milla's a sweet child. This makes both Carol and Lilac's reactions when Brevon turns her into a monster and forces them to fight and seemingly be killed by them much more painful. For extra points, Lilac's body language and voice-acting really underlines her heart breaking at that very moment, and it is only amplified by her furious screams as she delivers multiple Dragon Boosts right into Brevon's gut when she defeats him. The fact that Milla was aware of what she was doing the whole time and apologizes tearfully later only makes it more bitter; thankfully, Carol and Lilac immediately forgive her, as it wasn't her fault. The tears Carol visibly sheds after that boss battle when you play as her can pretty much lead you to shedding tears of your own with her, too.
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  • Milla mentions to her Companion Cube Mr. Stumpy that she wants to make a feather potion so she can fly high enough to find her parents. Later making a wish on the deck of Zao's ship to find them implies that she's too innocent to understand that they're more than likely dead. As for her aforementioned Companion Cube, she merely gives a halfhearted giggle that he's so quiet around her, making it ambiguous if her time alone has driven her to make up imaginary friends to talk to in order to stave off being alone in the forest for years.
  • When Carol and Lilac are excitedly thinking of how fun it would be to go on an adventure in space, Torque wistfully notes he once thought the same thing. But says he wasn't prepared for the sacrifices he'd later have to make, likely referring to his old crew. When giving the girls exposition about Lord Brevon, he mentions that he'd sworn on his captain's dying breath that he'd stop him or destroy the Kingdom Stone. He's normally quite stoic, but this gets to a breaking point before the Final Dreadnought as he first insists on going in alone. When the girls protest that they'll do it together, he suddenly shouts, "I can't lose another crew!". This guy needs a hug.

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