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  • Stage 6: The climax of Trap Hideout, where you have to defeat 99 ninjas before finally facing off against Spade.
  • Final Dreadnought 1: Instead of taking the gas can for your bike, you can choose to fight Syntax on foot. It's a little harder than battling on the bike, so winning without it is a feat worth mentioning, since you potentially also enter the battle with a health handicap (because the obstacles you pass are near-impossible to get by without using the bike or getting hit).
  • Final Dreadnought 4: Similar to Lilac, after dealing the final blow, Carol wails on Brevon with a flurry of slashes until the fade to white.
    Brevon: I offer you one final chance. Leave. Now.
  • General: Any time you ride the motorcycle. It can ride up walls, ceilings, ladders, can perform a double jump, and her special becomes a nitro boost you can spam.

  • Stage 3: The Reveal that Milla saved Carol's life in the previous stage. Considering that her introduction painted her as a painfully shy and weak girl prior to her joining the duo, this makes her character stronger than she looks at first glance. It says it all after the airship crashes and Lilac goes to comfort her:
    Lilac: Things have been pretty crazy so far, huh?
    Milla: (softly) Yeah.
    Lilac: How long have you been away from your parents?
    Milla: I'm not sure, it feels like a really long time...
    Lilac: And you've been living in the woods ever since?
    Milla: Yeah...
    Lilac: I hope this doesn't sound weird, but... that's kind of impressive. I wouldn't last a day without my tree house.
  • Stage 8: Piloting the Eyebot mini-boss after defeating it in the previous section. Once inside, you're free to fire a constant stream of bullets, getting some sweet revenge on those warping robots that have likely been giving the player hell for the last two stages.
  • General: Mastering the Super Shield Burst's recoil to turn it into a viable mobility tool.
    • In the same vein, using the reflector to turn enemy attacks against them and/or as a counterattack. Especially notable when fighting Spade, Prince Dail, and Mutant!Serpentine. Brevon's second form gets special mention for being able to deflect all of his blasts (which are the majority of his attacks) right back at him.
    • Meta: Taking into account the missing sections of some levels, such as Final Dreadnought 2, 3, and 4, Milla clocks times that are consistently faster than Lilac and Carol's in the levels she shares with them.

  • Intro:
    King: Impossible! How did they break through? Our walls are impenetrable!
    Brevon: Your floor isn't.
    • Shortly after this exchange, he beheads the king in front of his own son, Prince Dail, and then brainwashes him into doing his bidding.
  • Final Dreadnought 4: Even in the face of a justifiably enraged hero, he still exudes confidence that he will win. Of course, as the player, it's your job to prove him DEAD wrong.
    Lilac: Your machines won't save you from the dragon you've unleashed! I WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING YOU THROW AT ME! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!
  • General: Brevon's liberal application of his scheming tendencies throughout the entire story. Notable in that his existence adds a dark tone to a normally lighthearted game on its own.
    • He consistently shrugs off heavy accusations of genocide and destruction with equally heavy sarcasm.

  • Stage 6: Spade helps Carol pull a Big Damn Heroes moment to save Lilac from Brevon.
  • Stage 8: Interrupting Prince Dail's final attack and dashing after him.

  • GalaxyTrail gave fans a helluva Christmas present in 2015: the official announcement of Freedom Planet 2!


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