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  • "What makes you so special?" So... what DID make Lilac or Carol (those are the only two with story modes on the Wii-U version, so far, so sorry if I'm leaving out any other characters that you can pick to take Brevon down) so special that they took down Brevon where others had failed? (I remember seeing at least one scene of a Brevon killing heroes other than our main characters.) Were they just the only Dude(tte)s bad enough to stop him? Did the Unstoppable Rage they felt after seeing what happened to Milla in their respective stories give them that extra boost? Was it the fact that they collaborated with the governments of their world to take Brevon down? Why did they succeed where those other heroes failed?
    • Brevon made the mistake of underestimating Avalice and its people. While they're not space-capable yet, they're not exactly primitives either (they have guns, trains, motorcycle, helicopters, and airships, so they're not that far removed from our own modern technology when you get right down to it) and at least a few of the people living in Avalice possess near-magical capabilities as well. And don't forget also that the dragons that bestowed the people of Avalice with the Kingdom Stone (which was the basis for the development of their culture and civilization) were space-faring beings themselves, and judging from the capabilities of Syntax's blue good counterpart, whatever planet Brevon came from has only recently caught up with the level of technological prowess the dragons possessed back in ancient times. And also, Lilac herself (ironically the very person that Brevon was taunting with that question) is a direct descendant of those dragons.
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    • Arguably, nothing MADE them special. They made themselves special through grit, unbreakable will, and their ability to form bonds and unite others. Torgue was clever and resourceful, but a bit of a lone wolf after whatever happened, and many others would be cowed into submission by Brevon's brutality or broken by torture. But Lilac, Carol, and Milla? They absolutely would. NOT. quit. They refused to back down, refused to stop fighting, and inspired others to do the same. That's what led them to win
  • I don't understand the lack of a manual. Isn't this supposed to resemble 2-D platformers of the fourth and fifth generation of game systems? They had extensive, detailed manuals.

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