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Nightmare Fuel / Duck Dodgers

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  • In "Deconstructing Dodgers", one of the stories involves Duck Dodgers working at a cosmetics shop. After he is finished applying cosmetics to one of his clients... um, let's just say that the results could put the gross up close ups in The Ren & Stimpy Show to shame.
  • The Fudd when it's first revealed. And this is likely the scariest we've ever seen Elmer Fudd since What's Opera, Doc?.
    • Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh
  • X-2's sanity slippage in "They Stole Dodgers' Brain".
  • The effects that the radioactive waste had on Dodgers in "Duck Deception". Dodgers said it best:
  • Count Muerte's death in "I'm Gonna Get You Fat Sucka" is a bit unnerving. As was him eating the Eager Young Space Cadet's decoy.
    Count Muerte: (wheezes, chokes, and coughs) Rigor...mortis!
    • Count Muerte in general, being a scarier, more predator version of Count Bloodcount who specifically survives by eating the fat of his victims. When he finally does take off the gloves and go after Cadet, it's nothing short of terrifying.
  • The hot alien girls turning into giant bug monsters in "Big Bug Mamas".
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  • A Noodle Incident mentioned in "Detained Duck": apparently, Dodgers sold the Cadet's sister to a sausage factory. Noted homicidal maniac, Hannibal Lecter expy and Card-Carrying Villain Drake Darkstar is utterly repulsed.
    Drake: Dude... that's cold.
  • The pirate captain swipes a woman's earrings while she is still wearing them and we do not see the result, but her screams along with his disturbed face say it all about how cringeworthy it is.
    • In that same episode, the parasite eating contest. When it is Dodger's turn, he doesn't eat the parasite so much as encourage it to crawl down his throat, alive. And it DOES.


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